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  1. Hi have a question hope you can help me> So yesterday when all this happened I did what I normally do when the game is too buggy. Delete the game from FB Gameroom and reinstall. So after I deleted the game now I cant search for the game in my main account: Image On my alt account it shows up just fine: Image Is there a way to reset the first account not sure why the game wont show up anymore. I have deleted the game from gameroom and reinstalled it every major patch. Now I cant even find the game to DL anymore. TY
  2. Yes some sort of message with invite showing what it's for would be awesome. I tell my friends if you have something good going on or really need help dont just send invite message me with what it is. Great suggestion.
  3. There is also a channel for guilds to make recruitment posts, and for players to post looking for guild.
  4. This Discord is for Thundercal_Forest: It is to help people look for a group or find more player for a group. Game chat can be limited to what we want sometimes, the discord channel can help do things like plan Raids ahead of time, Post what the requirements will be. Need ceratin amount of HP, DPS score, Path Lvl, etc. You could require a screen shot of stats if you have your doubts about someone. You can set a time. In a Chimeria Heroic raid just need a few more people you can post in that channel what you need. ___________________________ People will have their discord names reflect their character like: T3mpust M45(42)Heal T3mpust R45(42)DPS 4k T3mpust W45(42)Tank This will help a lot when looking for other players to match a certain requirement. ___________________________ Each raid and event has it's own channel so it won't get too cluttered. There will be some guides posted Discord Invite Code: https://discord.gg/NnZ2DHT Keep in mind this is a new discord it will take time so join be patient and as more people join the more helpful it will be. Tell your friends tell your guild. Note: This Discord is for Thundercall_Forest only, it will be too hard and get too cluttered if people from different servers post PUG request in one discord. If you want o set one up for your server you are welcome to come visit copy the format I set up copy Rules and Ino posts and adjust to your needs. Cheers hope to see you folks there.
  5. Got my nature set of three and divine helmet, dam so expensive to upgrade got it to 40 so far. Got lucky and unlucky. Well got a legendary but ended up being for a ranger, trying to sell it to get some mystic legendary.
  6. So Heroic Raids should ahve reset today but they haven't for many people.
  7. Actually it would be nice to see a roll icon for the application tab for raids as well. It would be good to know which of the applicants are DPS, Healers or Tanks.
  8. Dear Developers: Please add Roll Icon in friends chat Dps, Heal or Tank. When we try to add friends to groups in Raids we have no way of knowing if they are Dps, Healer or Tank. In group you folks have an Icon for each roll such as DPS, Heal or Tank. Sword, Green Heart or Shield. Could you please add that Icon below the Class Icon in the friends list box. This would help us make groups faster and help us enjoy the game more. As it is, there aren't many Healers or Tanks in game so it would be nice to be able to see which of our online friends fit which roll. Thank You, T3mpust
  9. Thanks for getting back to us so fast.
  10. Nice will check those out thanks
  11. Could we please get a dedicated recruitment section in the forums with servers as sub sections.. It would be very nice thing to have. Thank You.
  12. Ok. Best contest give back I've seen for a game.
  13. Nice Videos TY. Could you please make the Shepherd Heal Video