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  1. Good day! I am looking for ways to maximize my current dps. I am currently using d1 devoidra twisting wind 3/3, sailors rage 3/3, blood thrist max, samsara max. I want to minimize devoidra and sailor minimize it to 2/2 and get manaflame if i had a chance. Its also ok if I dispose both devoidra and sailor for plague, malum or ghast´╝č This is my current set and based on my impression with its dps 1. D1 sailor rage - throwing cask dmg ok 2. D1 devoidra twisting - not good 3. Samsara and blood thirst - ill stay with it for awhile. 4. D1 Manaflame? 4. Plague? 5. Malum? 6. Ghast? any set to look for? not endgame I am thinking if its ok to replace d1 devoidra wind with manaflame and plague? which is tje best to bad plague, malum or ghast?
  2. This is an issue? You can leave if you want but you are afk, that is not in game problem.
  3. Paladin - Why this class have many heals on its skills with a fair dps? If you take a potion cooldown and its healing effect vs a paladin heals can do better what a heck. I as a ranger is struggling too hard to survive without healer although I get HP absorb from rolling skill still not enough and way too far from what a paladin can offer. I feel like I can only use 1 potion for emergency before I die because the CD is way too long. Skills are so biased. I don't know about Mystics and Ele dps but are they sharing buffs to other class to? cause my FG can boost Ele, myst and ranger but are they do the same?
  4. Silver pouch from altruism medal worth 20 ec. is now giving 100k ec now. If you bought 50x worth 1k med you will get 5m and the medal cap is increased to 1.5k, with this u will have extra 500 med for ur forging and today they r giving 100 earth stone. With this I think the road to sparkling diamond will take lesser time. What do u think?
  5. Scar plains dont give medals Hard to find team that do medal farm on lords unless youre strong but for an avg person u get kicked. DOING NORMAL RAID OVER AND OVER IS REALLY BORING. WHAT ARE THEY THNKING? I give up on farming another 500 medal after 1k. Did they reduced the stone req on BP?
  6. Whats the total size of update?
  7. Are all players cant play bcos of this update or just certain ppl? This update requires alot of data its like redownloading the whole game again and I have only limited data. If this update isnt working its like wasting my data for nothing.
  8. This may sound dumb to ask but Ive been trying to figure this out forever. I saw ppl when they r assigned as star of pt or squad, you will see this attribute bonus stats like dmg, crit, spelldmg, def, spell def and so on, mine doesnt have idk why. I currently have swift and flourish, both tier 2. Is there something I am missing?
  9. Im from Scout to FG and I would say I enjoy FG best. Moonlight gives the best boost. It also buff elem and myst so same as tamer as support yet higher dps than tamer. Im not engame yet but when I change to FG I get better DPS than scout, same gear.
  10. If I happen to got d1 blood thirst and I have other gear with d0 blood thrist, are they gonna add to set effect?
  11. So I crafted my very first legendary today and it has D0 parry thing, as a ranger I dont need it. I refined it and got blood thirst still D0. The thing is, is it gonna stack with d1 above blood thirst? Should I keept it?
  12. Im fine with it, she has lovely voice. If you dont like to hear it dont stay there, is just easy. Maybe make her stop spamming those single word over and over. She's very noisy.
  13. I am also interested in tamer but I need to clarify if the wild spirit buff can also apply to me or just my team mates? and when the wolf disappear am I going to receive his heal to?
  14. Can someone more informed with the game pls convince me that Forest can match Scout dps. Scout Path passives: 10 cr, 15% razor cr dmg, (speed that I cant feel) Branches: xx cr dmg, xx cr dmg of relentless, xx cr dmg of bless Starblade volley that not worth using without double or triple buff on it. Forest: 40% blessed, enhanced crow dmg, Moonlight that I find very helpful has 20s cd but can compensate with reset cd. So I think the real potencial of forest is reseting the moonlight to get its bonus, has the chance of 2nd ML and is also AOE. All of this can be improve. The second alternative is "ready" skill that u can use 2/3 blessed shot within 5s. If moonlight fail to reset I can go to ready skill, if ready fails I could normal atk. Moonlight+cry is nice. any opinions? Raids r full of scouts and I find few to none forests. Are they really inferior than scouts?
  15. Swift attack aura skill of forest path says when using moonlight increase my agility to xx% but my agi didnt increase or my atk. How to make this work? Also where/how to obtain those 40+ legend gears and accessories?