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  1. I would like to know how to do this as well I have seen several custom avatars in game
  2. Nice find! I was really wondering about divine swaps
  3. There are some vaguely written rules about set swapping in the tooltip but the scenarios seem to be poorly translated. Rule #1 states that L/G/D1/D2/D3 can be swapped to any D0/D1/D2/D3 however this isn't entirely true. A D1+ can be swapped with another D1+ but a D0 cannot be swapped with a D1+ or vice versa. A divine can seemingly only be swapped with another divine, same for legendary. Rule #2 states that L/D1/D2/D3 can be swapped to Legendary. I do not have a legendary to test this Rule #3 states that G/D1/D2/D3 can be swapped to Divine. This isn't true at all in my experience. I have set pieces from all tiers except D3 and regardless of item types matching I am unable to move anything to or from my Divine gear, hopefully someone can elaborate on this. Rule #4 states that a D0 cannot be swapped under any circumstance. I feel like this is inaccurate but I have since dismantled all of my D0 gear and I cannot confirm/deny. Hopefully my test data below will help. D0 = Heroic Raid, Normal Team Raid D1 = Normal Team Raid D2/D3 = Heroic Raids G = Divine Gear L = Legendary Gear D0 => D0 ( This is not possible, as far as I know ) D0 => D1 ( This is not possible ) D1 <= D0 ( I don't think that this is possible ) D1, D2 => D1, D2 ( A (D1) can be swapped with a (D2) as long as they are the same item type, for example, pants ) D2 => D2 ( These all appear to be interchangeable ) G => D0, D1, D2 ( This is not possible ) D0, D1, D2 => G ( This is not possible ) G => G ( I have not tested this but I assume this is possible ) L => G, D0, D1, D2 ( I do not have any legend gear to confirm but I would assume this is not possible based on previous tests) G, D0, D1, D2 => L ( Probably same scenario as above ) L => L ( This should be possible as long as the item types are the same, I do not have any items to test this however)
  4. It's very difficult to distinguish between purple and blue quality items, at the very least consider adding a text string to the tooltip which describes the level of rarity "Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Divine, etc."
  5. At the end of the day a simple data scrape would be beneficial for players to inspect gear and achievements for guild recruitment or just plain curiosity. If Netease will not allow a public API it would provide a business value by connecting the community in ways other than a forum. WoW Armory was a highly successful application of player data.
  6. I would like to create an armory which players can use to inspect another players game progression, gear, achievements, etc. Are there any plans in the pipeline to release a restful API? Please consider this to build community support for this game.