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  1. Is there an update on this???? I cannot play the game and is becoming increasingly frustrating as days go by and I fall further and further behind as I cannot complete any mystica, elemental lords, pvp, survival, etc. because I am guaranteed to crash. As a hybrid/healer this makes it impossible for me or my group to make progress with me in the party.
  2. Here is some more information I have found logging the crashes with logcat Crash occurs on the following event “WindowManager: Relayout Window” resolution is changed to 1372x481 a fatal error occurred and app reboots and sets “WindowManager: Relayout Window” to 1015x481. The following error is produced: [Application Error: com.netease.z3.android] rejecting buffer: bufWidth=1384, bufHeight=493, front.active.{w=13, h=13} My educated guess is that there is some sort of notification or modal event which triggers the crash. The game is trying to adjust the resolution of the screen which is not consistent with some devices resulting in a crash.
  3. My game crashes randomly every couple of minutes and makes the game unplayable for team play, especially as a healer. Samsung S7 Edge Android version 7.0 Kernel version 3.18.31 Hardware version Rev0.7
  4. I will try your second trick. I have done this to create empty faction instances. Is the beach event instanced? I can see the large crab Wrathclaw walking around during the event. I have seen a box spawn right beside me, click it instantly and before my progress bar is 50% it disappears as if someone clicked it and could open it 50% faster than me
  5. This is most likely an Android issue. I cannot see names, including my own in-game regardless of show name setting in resolution tab. This makes it very hard to play when players are hidden.
  6. I have submitted several tickets without a response so logging this here to see if there are other users experiencing the following issues since 10/25. I completed all of my quests the day prior to 10/25 patch. Upon logging in after the extended maintenance I noticed that all of my progress from the previous day had rolled over and I was unable to receive any loot from raids, get my daily silver, or complete any of the dailies which supply me with the currency to do simple things in the game, such as repair. Did you know that using the ability to resurrect in place costs silver? It does! I have to resurrect at a spawn point each time. 5-player normal raids are not resetting 5-player heroic raids are not resetting Daily reputation quests are not resetting All events (Daily, Timed, Faction, Champion Trials) are not resetting Team raids will most likely not reset following this trend. Guild hunts both normal and rulers are not resetting. Character stamina is not being replenished, cannot complete more quests to gain stamina. Cannot speak in world chat because I have zero stamina. I was able to complete Champion Trials after the patch but this morning that quest has not been reset. Furthermore, I created a paladin since my mystic was rendered essentially useless and experienced the following issues across all servers If affected with the quest completed bug you will be affected across all characters on all realms. My level 10 paladin could not advance in the game beyond the initial story line. Characters on other realms had all quests marked as complete even though they are just placeholders and inactive for the most part. What I CAN Do: Altruism medals reset correctly, at least theres a million new paladins to get double medals!
  7. Almost 100% of the time on my server boxes will appear and vanish before the box can be opened, many complain that invisible people are taking the boxes. I personally have camped a spawn location, clicked a box instantly and before my bar is half filled the box vanishes. What gives? Any tips?
  8. People were able to do this briefly using the 3.0 APK. However, the feature has since been disabled when they initially disabled the inspect feature. Hopefully, or returns soon
  9. I would like to know how to do this as well I have seen several custom avatars in game
  10. Nice find! I was really wondering about divine swaps
  11. There are some vaguely written rules about set swapping in the tooltip but the scenarios seem to be poorly translated. Rule #1 states that L/G/D1/D2/D3 can be swapped to any D0/D1/D2/D3 however this isn't entirely true. A D1+ can be swapped with another D1+ but a D0 cannot be swapped with a D1+ or vice versa. A divine can seemingly only be swapped with another divine, same for legendary. Rule #2 states that L/D1/D2/D3 can be swapped to Legendary. I do not have a legendary to test this Rule #3 states that G/D1/D2/D3 can be swapped to Divine. This isn't true at all in my experience. I have set pieces from all tiers except D3 and regardless of item types matching I am unable to move anything to or from my Divine gear, hopefully someone can elaborate on this. Rule #4 states that a D0 cannot be swapped under any circumstance. I feel like this is inaccurate but I have since dismantled all of my D0 gear and I cannot confirm/deny. Hopefully my test data below will help. D0 = Heroic Raid, Normal Team Raid D1 = Normal Team Raid D2/D3 = Heroic Raids G = Divine Gear L = Legendary Gear D0 => D0 ( This is not possible, as far as I know ) D0 => D1 ( This is not possible ) D1 <= D0 ( I don't think that this is possible ) D1, D2 => D1, D2 ( A (D1) can be swapped with a (D2) as long as they are the same item type, for example, pants ) D2 => D2 ( These all appear to be interchangeable ) G => D0, D1, D2 ( This is not possible ) D0, D1, D2 => G ( This is not possible ) G => G ( I have not tested this but I assume this is possible ) L => G, D0, D1, D2 ( I do not have any legend gear to confirm but I would assume this is not possible based on previous tests) G, D0, D1, D2 => L ( Probably same scenario as above ) L => L ( This should be possible as long as the item types are the same, I do not have any items to test this however)
  12. It's very difficult to distinguish between purple and blue quality items, at the very least consider adding a text string to the tooltip which describes the level of rarity "Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Divine, etc."
  13. At the end of the day a simple data scrape would be beneficial for players to inspect gear and achievements for guild recruitment or just plain curiosity. If Netease will not allow a public API it would provide a business value by connecting the community in ways other than a forum. WoW Armory was a highly successful application of player data.
  14. I would like to create an armory which players can use to inspect another players game progression, gear, achievements, etc. Are there any plans in the pipeline to release a restful API? Please consider this to build community support for this game.