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  1. Stamina Guide | www.shadowflame.org
  2. I have added a search function to the Item Set Database, added D5 & D6 items as well as adjusted the verbiage of Hatred Power/Thoroughly Tampered sets so that they more accurately describe the synergy between these two set items
  3. Allow users to view beyond page 2 in auctions. Allow users to control market economy. Placing a gold max on an item is fine but do not enforce minimums because items like Legendary Essence become difficult to sale without doing gem trading to compensate for undercutting market. Account-wide achievements. A user should be able to complete achievements in all categories including class/profession/faction based as well as achievements for alternate subplot outcomes Inspect player from team applications screen Display path depiction icon on players in team application screen Expand damage meter to show filterable results with detailed logging similar to Recount DPS Meter plugin for WoW. This will give players an accurate way to evaluate the effectiveness of set bonus and path configurations Eliminate the need to create secondary accounts to stimulate market with obsolete blueprints by allowing the now rare level 55 patterns to sometimes create level 30 variations of this equipment which can be upgraded and then emerged. Allow players to transmog new dungeon, divine and legend items. Improve UI for chat interface as typing in game is often frustrating. Allow users to advertise the difficulty of party requests such as "Lord Invasion (Hell 3) [Request to Join]" Reduce difficulty of level 55 Mystica by tuning the damage of RNG elements (Chef Skar'vid Hook 1-shot for example) to eliminate the need to manually scale these instances with secondary accounts. As a player in the top 100 rankings I still find myself being a victim of RNG even with the aid of food buffs and flourish circles. The fights are not mechanically challenging. However, the damage is not proportional to the difficulty of the overall encounter and requires team compositions which include a minimum of two mystics in most cases. Completely remove the in-game voice chat features. It's a UI nightmare and would free up memory in-game Integrate PC controls into emulators such as Bluestack so that OSX users have access to the game via desktop/laptop Release a public facing API to gather real time data to allow community to build robust tools such as item databases which include titles, achievements, server progression, etc. This will really boost client immersion Provide more transparency for success rates on crafting legendary items to eliminate useless rituals and speculation within the community Please review the entire list of achievements currently available in-game. Adjust any achievements which are unobtainable by hiding them or correcting the requirements. (Example: Obtain items from the [Malum Crystal] set in all equipment slots. This item only drops for specific slots) Implement a system similar to transmog for "enchantments" which unlock set bonus swaps for slots once you have obtained it for that slot. For example, If I roll D1 - Secret set on a vambrace then Secret is unlocked for vambrace in the enchantment panel. If I obtain a new item upgrade which has a set bonus, D1 - Grace attached to it, that set bonus is unlocked as well. From the enchantment panel I can choose to swap Grace with previously discovered Secret set. The price to "Unlock" these sets could cost currency such as 3x the amount of the normal swap (4 scales for D1-D2, 6 scales D3-D4, 8-12 scales for G & L sets) More to come
  4. http://www.shadowflame.org I would like to invite everyone in the community to view this public preview of the newest website for Crusaders of Light guides. This site is under constant development and should be treated as a beta. If you see any bugs, typo's, misinformation or would like to see something new added then please message me directly or on Discord. Stamina Guide Fishing Guide Cooking Guide Gem Guide Legendary Equipment Upgrade Chart Divine Equipment Upgrade Chart All Equipment Item Sets In-game Event Calendar
  5. @RedPanda @Ocho Is this working as intended? I just burned 100+ stamina to catch about 12 fish in total. At level 40 fishing there's roughly a 1/10 success rate for catching a fish. Why would you make level 40 fish so rare? This isn't the case with herbalism or mining. Please look into this because in it's current state it makes no sense at all to WASTE stamina catching nothing, stamina is as good as any other currency in this game.
  6. What is clearing ratio and how is this percentage increased? Is a small % added each time a group clears the "Current Server Raid"? Also, what is Clearing Function?
  7. What was mystica bug?
  8. What happened to Quality Assurance?????? Do you guys even smoke test these updates before you deploy?? ... NOPE!
  9. This is unacceptable. The crashing occurs as frequently if not more frequently since latest patch. This has been an issue for nearly a month. In what universe is this considered a minimal viable product when an entire operating system is being alienated? Youve told us to use another device when the one I'm on has always worked previously with all settings set to ultra?? Unbelievable. If apple users were experiencing this crash the server would come down for emergency extended maintenance. What in the actual........ I cannot begin to express how disappointed I am to have poured hundreds upon hundreds of hours into this game to be filed to the side and told to be patient, you've not even offered any sort of compensation for time and xp lost, much less the stress this causes players who just want to play your game. I have offered to help time and time again my data is ignored when I've shown you precisely what the error is. I've been asked to contact ocho directly which I have gotten no reply, no surprise. What is the hold up? You're so preoccupied with pushing new content before your platform is stable that this is going to be quickly compounded when other issues arise. Do you understand the concept of QA? Customer service certainly eludes you.....
  10. i have a discord bot with a web app companion i've been spinning up to collect stats and store them in a google spreadsheet but there's no dynamic option to collect data I have an OCR which can interpret screenshots to some degree of accuracy but this concept would require some manual input. if you want to trade notes let me know we can chat on discord
  11. I have offered to help fix this issue free of charge and have had no replies. I do not have access to the unencrypted source code but I have been able to decompile far enough to remotely debug the current APK with logcat and have identified the fatal error, sent to the development team and have even went as far as showing the line number they need to address and the file which it's located. Why won't you guys accept help from the community?? Seriously.... just fix this!
  12. As frustrating as it was to lose gems, and get nothing in return OR dailies not resetting for a week OR being ganked by speed hackers in survival this issue takes the cake in the #1 reason I might quit this game if it's not fixed soon. It's not even enjoyable to try to play through the crashes, and to be treated like garbage because I can't do something as simple as move from a circle on the ground because 50% of the fight is me logging in, lol. I wasn't able to participate in my guilds server first kill of Pulrik and lost my chance at an exclusive title, but that I don't even care about as much as not being able to complete a daily as simple as faction rep or survival
  13. Do you Initially crash only while in combat? I'm trying to figure out a pattern. Sometimes I crash at login only after crashing while following or wiping my team because I'm the healer and the game wants to make me feel worthless even though my gear has improved. I cannot go to sardar or do any of the new quests without multiple crashing to the point where I literally feel rage haha.