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  1. Hi. Yes, the +18 defence is the total from collecting all 6 tokens. Each token received grants +3 defence as soon as achieved.
  2. Good idea OP. Thanks to @Ocho and to @RedPanda for doing a great job of being the faces of the company and the voices of the players. Most companies never implement things players ask for until the games are in trouble but anything we have brought forward has been considered... just like in the beginning, we complained about the chat restrictions of 50 characters, the devs increased it pretty quick. When GvG was launched the players asked for a way to view the battles and the devs gave us in-game commentary. There are a lot more things the players have mentioned that we know have been passed to the devs because we see them being implemented often enough when its possible to do so. Good Work so far NetEase on what is still a very young title!
  3. +1. This takes all the strategy out of a battle now as we have seen in normal battlefield. Everyone scatters to occupy points and the whole squad gets insta transported at the first sight of enemies through leader switching. Please rethink this change for GvG at least.
  4. They are level locked. Whiterose will unlock at lvl41 and the rest will unlock as you reach the required level and complete the quest attached at that level.
  5. You can access the quest list from either the little icon on the mini map in the bottom left corner or through the events page. Its underneath the Faction Events tab. The event will start on the 6th of July so i assume everything event related will be working correctly tomorrow. It was not meant to be released yet which is why it was bugged according to support.