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  1. I will play Paladin healer. Would prefer a necromancer class though
  2. That wasn't very constructive. I agree that teams should only be able to verse each other once per season
  3. It doesn't seem very economical or efficient to do server maintenance separately across server time zones. Server maintenance periods are generally derived from the quietest network time, ala when the least players are playing, or when it is the most suitable time within the country where the developers are based. This is standard across most online games.
  4. Hello Tomochan. The problem with your garrison's from wow idea is that it is pretty much a guild leader only interaction. Yes the rest of the guild get to see the end result, but I don't think that this content is worth focusing on just so a handful of people can actually interact with it. I like that as the guild gets upgraded that maybe the base is visually upgraded with it, but I think a static/standard visual change would be better. This idea would be better for player housing in my opinion, maybe contained within the guild. It could be instanced so everyone can get their own place, and you could invite people there.
  5. If you don't think it's worth it, then don't buy it. It's about as simple as that. I don't understand why people feel entitled for prices to be in a range they think is fair. It is either something you want to invest in or not. Yes, do state if it's something you think is worthwhile, but that is it.
  6. Wardrum Turtle can also be obtained in weekend party boxes (that spawn on the beach during the party event on Sat/Sun). That is where I got mine.