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  1. Solo Heal Pulrik Hc!! Come on, guys!
  2. Does anyone have video of the third heroic boss of Burning SkyBlaze Village? We need to kill him at Laverlan Lake: D
  3. My group is the strongest of Laverlan Lake UTC-3, boss Pulrik is extremely difficult, we still managed to reach 5%, I was extremely excited to be a very difficult boss, I confess that the other raids do not even come close to that, continue Doing raid like that. On the above question, all people should go to their respective marks, as soon as the beam is activated, all must go in the middle in order for the healers to hit the hp of the raid.
  4. The battlefield is buggy, it does not show the number of registered players and is not calling players to execute it, I ask you to verify this as soon as possible, since they made this update nobody could do battlefield. Thanks.
  5. Who is responsible for this?
  6. I would like to show STAFF that there really is a gem bug, I am an extremely hardcore player, the game is very good and I do not want it to end because of a certain bug. I am one of the best mages in this game, I care for the well being of the game, that way I was discouraged from playing, I play practically 24 hours and I do not accept being left behind because of that. I hope STAFF will see this and take action, if you want to know what the existing bug, just send a message.