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  1. Mr.@RedPanda please check for this. Thank you.
  2. Hi CoL Team, I want to give some real suggestion that about all kind of Quest. Some quest can't do alone. It's said to make group or recommend to make group. Ok but some quest can do alone no need to make group. I am so annoying because some Newbies. Sometime when we are little busy or boring to make group. So we use auto-match to join. I want to make Trail Quest or Scar Plains raid and use auto-math. I was joined target team but team leader didn't do target quest and he/she do some others quest like Strange Events or Main quest. So I leave group and use auto-math again but I was joined that same group or some others group that also don't do Trail Quest. It wastes my time to leave group and auto-math group over and over again. So I want that for some Newbies and some guys who boring to change target that if he/she try to make alone quest, server should say to disband group and to change target if he/she try to make not target quest. Shouldn't allow to make quest depart from target. Thank you CoL Team. It's just my suggestion and you make if you can. Sorry for my bad English.
  3. If u guys cant see the debug local game build Sign up to this Facebook for Developers Facebook for Developers Facebook Platform helps developers build, grow and monetize their business After u register Logout ur facebook gameroom And login
  4. It is working for me and others. Just try again.
  5. I don't have tablet and which phone can play "40" players displayed?
  6. just logout facebook game-room and login again you will see that
  7. Found a solution for the facebook gameroom bug Click on your username located in the upper right corner of facebook gameroom Click Debug local Game Build Then Click on LAUNCH GAME Then navigate to C:/Users/Public/Facebook Games/1651335698493341/4 and select col.exe then open Ta-Ta credit to Brienne at UTC+9
  8. wow i didn't see that.
  9. Hi after maintenance today I can't open my game in Facebook game-room. Is that only me or all game-room user?
  10. Hey guys, I am lvl 45 ranger and I have lvl 48 scout path but sometime I can't beat lvl 40 ranger in arena daily quest. I asked my guild mate and others friends who have more powerful dps. They said reforge item, make more agility, make more hit rating, make more crit etc. I'll do what they said as I can but last day I was loss lvl 40 ranger in arena quest. Why be like that and I want to ask questions that which attribute is most important for ranger to get more powerful dps when I reforging? Please show me your 2 pages of charter picture and powerful equipment if you can. Thank you very much.
  11. Wow. I can see now all about diamond. Thank you for your reply all friends.
  12. I mean Sparkling Diamond.
  13. Nope. Diamond Decomposition is unable to click in our server and never hear someone own the diamond tail now.
  14. Hey CoL team, Our Asia Server UTC+9 doesn't available Diamond. Please update for this. Thank you.
  15. Yes yes. I see it now.