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  1. Hey guys, I am lvl 45 ranger and I have lvl 48 scout path but sometime I can't beat lvl 40 ranger in arena daily quest. I asked my guild mate and others friends who have more powerful dps. They said reforge item, make more agility, make more hit rating, make more crit etc. I'll do what they said as I can but last day I was loss lvl 40 ranger in arena quest. Why be like that and I want to ask questions that which attribute is most important for ranger to get more powerful dps when I reforging? Please show me your 2 pages of charter picture and powerful equipment if you can. Thank you very much.
  2. Wow. I can see now all about diamond. Thank you for your reply all friends.
  3. I mean Sparkling Diamond.
  4. Nope. Diamond Decomposition is unable to click in our server and never hear someone own the diamond tail now.
  5. Hey CoL team, Our Asia Server UTC+9 doesn't available Diamond. Please update for this. Thank you.
  6. Yes yes. I see it now.
  7. Oh hey, I got this. Thank you all.
  8. Today I made Fore 2 times from blueprint but stil no reward. That's not about Fore? My fore item lvl are 35.
  9. Oh! I'll try again. Thank you.
  10. Hey, How can I do Gear of War in daily Events. When I click Go button, there are shown up to fore and I fore some item couple times but I got nothing activity and still left to do times remaining. Why and how to do this or some kind of bug?
  11. Yes yes. That's right sir.
  12. Yes, me too. But can't accept any invitation will damage for friendship of each others I think. So when we see invite for what we can decide should accept or not. Thank you for your reply.
  13. I would like to suggest about Team Invitation. Team Invitation that should include invite for what. Trail Quest, Raid for bla bla bla, Elemental Leader etc. Because I was farm for some reputation point and then pop-up Team Invitation box. I think near player who farm like me invite me to farm together and I accept that invitation but no. That invitation is for others which I already finished and won't play again. So others players also meet like that situation. They must. I think no one like that wrong invitation. So please should try to fix that problem. Thank you CoL. PS : Sorry for my english.