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  1. So, having supported this company since I started playing (by paying for crystals just to play lucky draw, not to gain anything as it's only a visual effect) I have decided to, as well as a large number of my guild and fellow server members to stop playing for a while. There are a number of easily fixed issues that the developers are failing to address or their community support person is failing to deliver. 1. The strength of mystics. This is bugging a lot of people and I highly doubt it will ever be corrected. If it is, removing their damage won't fix anything, you would have to make severe upgrades to rangers and slight ones to warriors. Otherwise you will have one messed up competition for that 400k prize with teams running OP mystics. 2. The inability to code in a simple if, else statement relating to the chat textbox disengaging hotkeys. This is highly annoying, something that should have been addressed long ago. 3. The optimization of the PC port is still highly poor. Your coding team should know better. I could go into detail but honestly, even an intermediate coder can tell you what's been done wrong. 4. Too many restrictions. I have never seen a game where it locks you out of everything daily. You have an option not to do this and several ways to stop the whiners who think it's not fair (this makes no sense because you choose how long you play, noone forces you not to or to) by making the gains smaller after X amount of runs, then smaller after another X amount etc. 5. The RNG is absolutely terribly for refining. Gaining refinement stones is also completely garbage. I watched a dude get about 400 stones in the space of 5 minutes the other day and I have not gotten more than the basic 10 or so each day for a very long time. Only to slowly save 20 and just get crap rolls on already crap equips. 6. The effects of item sets do ranger scouts nothing whatsoever. That is probably the least thought of path and class in the game. 7. PvP here is a joke. Stuns are guaranteed as is chain pulling. Evasion rates are the same for all classes unless your level over 9000 for a ranger and have 2 billion % dodge and evason. All you have to do is noob, I mean, stun over and over and theres no way a ranger can win in a properly fought fight against an adversary of a seperate class in a non AI assisted fight. 8. It's been said already, and I will say it again, just like a huge chunk of your player base. Boosting mystics for NO reason was the single most stupid, unintelligent thing I have ever, ever seen from a gaming company and I have witnessed some wild things before. As a programmer of several successful games and two about to be released within the on coming months I have to say, I have learnt from your massive stuff up what NOT to do. Listening to the community is the ideal path. If the people who play the game say it'snot right, then it's not right. Just because you have a few elitist Mystic supporters running around the game, acting all pro now and posting in the forums knowing that barely anyone from the game really posts here, and being recognized as a large part of the community does not do this game any justice. All they have achieved is slowing down proper class and skill balancing that is in serious need for mostly Rangers, to be upskilled in terms of damage, item sets for scouts, dodging attacks, defense increase, damage output and crit. Warriors also need some work while mystics, well, since you have a competition up you cant NERF them, you can only bring the other 2 classes up to meet or excel that class, just to see how funny it is when the game is on the backfoot on their side. So with that said and done, good luck @RedPanda and hopefully this game is a lot better in the coming weeks so that those of who that have decided to leave, around 40 will come back to our server and continue playing what started out to be a really hopeful game.
  2. You play on a server that is 3 times as old as some of these others with people who have cheated gems, items, duped stuff etc and can do raids to get wickedly powerful stuff. It's much easier for you to obtain gold, items etc. I'm on the fence here as I don't really have much to say on the matter but you saying it's easy is just silly given what server your on. Also, your swearing offends me, please stop being nasty to people. It's really mean. @RedPanda He said naughty words
  3. Excuse me? I get home from work at 1:15 am, I sit down do ALL my dailies and what not over the course of 3 or so hours. Autmoation lets me run group quests such as trials etc whilst watching my tv shows and unwinding. Just because YOU sit there, flirt with boys with chicks names and avatars, do whatever it is to yourself and waste time does not mean others do the same.
  4. What do I buy or forge to fill these two spots? What am I missing?
  5. Ok, just that the mail I received made it sound as though 700 Team Leaders, meaning people who registered a team, had competed runs.
  6. I saw a message earlier today that a whopping 700 team leaders have registered. Wow, that's a HUGE increase from the 3-5 that @RedPanda spoke of just yesterday.
  7. Very, I know of people that are married, for many years, dating etc, that have met in games. I met my current GF whilst playing a game and we have been together for 9 years now. My team I am currently designing our 5th game with met on a game 2 years ago and have been very succesful in 2 of those, so yeah, I think anything that brings people together, even if some might say marriage is bad, is good for the community on a whole. It's nothing that gets enforced, but could be a "content filler" while your imagination tanks are on empty
  8. Noone is bothering to do it because we all know that the first released servers will win it. It's like putting adults up against teens versus babies. Yes the test server isn't counted but there was several servers released a week before others than 2 weeks later others released. With the way this games choking your ability to do in excess of your daily alotted runs, you don't have a chance to catch up. This game doesn't allow that. They will always have stronger paths, skills, gems, gear.
  9. @RedPanda Dismantling excessive mount tokens were worth 3mil silver prior to the last update. Now they are worth only 1 mil silver? Is there anything else you guys missed? We have found 3-5 things not in the patch notes this week as well. Is it not possible to have some communication between the community team and the developers because things seem to be very one way traffic sometimes. They leave out a lot and as a result it falls on us, the players to get done over by some of these changes.
  10. Come to +10 AU server. My mystic is ranked 10-15 overall in it's class, my warrior is ranked top 20 and my ranger is ranked top 3. I don't need to provide proof, all of us here know the real deal and how it is. Please remove the fanboy shoes at the pre-post stage Redpanda I have a feeling someone is making multiple accounts here, and they are a mystic finatic. Please can you check IP's because this is getting silly, we're trying to have a fair and mature discussion about the overpowerdness of some classes and the problems with another. It's turning into a fan fare of mystic love vs realists.
  11. Thanks, almost straight away I got a goblin...still, it should popup in a small icon, maybe change the notice icon to a small goblin one, too many times it has interfered with gameplay.
  12. I too have stopped spending. Mostly because the goblin merchant is so invasive and it doesnt have a "GO AWAY, I AM BUSY" option and sits there in the middle of duels, guild battles, raids etc. The last thing I am going to do is spend money on a game that I just got triggered by because I clicked on something bloated when trying to achieve a run.
  13. No, I am not but like every good parent I will listen, nod and let you have a say. I am comparing what I have seen because I am a person who wants equality and balance amongst classes and take into consideration gear, skills used and class/path of each person. I know what's what, I have played this more than long enough to have a pretty good feel as well as spoken with many others on two different servers who feel that overall, the mystic is now an OP class ahead of the warrior and then slightly further back, the ranger. I feel as though the DEVS think that magic should be mighty powerful in their game. Where is the draw back, their defense and HP, certainly not because they have just as much as a ranger. So, where is the balance you ask? There isn't any, that is why there are a lot of mature gamers who know their stuff, sitting on the fence with proper views on the classes speaking. Some posts are just silly, outright defending the boost because they are like a rubber duck in a soapy bath with this gifted strength boost and like being able to "look good" without having skills or equips to really back it all up.
  14. Please stop attacking me now.