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  1. Ok I've tried almost every item except the lvl 40-45 pvp gear to try and upgrade my divine pvp gear but nothing works. Tried looking under the list for recommended items but it doesn't list em. Anyone know if the pvp divine gear is even upgradable atm?
  2. Same boat for me. Says games outta date and need to install the patch. Guessing we won't be seeing any compensation for this either eh? If not u guys won't be seeing another penny from me. Sick of this bs
  3. Same here! Man u guys keep on messing up lol. U need to get on top of this asap
  4. Seems to me that support among other things has been steadily going downhill for some time now. The amount of bugs and other fix's needed are beginning to pile up and all netease is interested in is releasing more and more buggy content without even attempting to fix the latter. Smh
  5. Ya I've given up on the wpn. Cost is more than the gain. Saving gold for ah purchase now an only investing in cheaper bp. Seems a waste to even bother with considering the ah legendary is far better since crafted can only have a D0 set effect
  6. Your one lucky sob if that's the case
  7. I'm starting to think the odds are closer to 0.03% an not .3%. I'm quickly being left behind in terms of player rating and it's starting to wear at my patience
  8. Ok I know the odds are .3% supposedly but I'm truly beginning to believe otherwise. I've crafted well over 200 wpns using the lvl 30 blueprints an as of yet still haven't crafted a legendary. You guys really need to think of increasing the odds or something. Lvl 30 ranger BP's sell anywhere from 6-10k on my server an with the gold I've wasted I could just purchased a legendary. Something needs to be done about this. I feel that I'm wasting my time and money on a useless endeavor. The odds are not in your favor