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  1. Huh? Wheres the forum mods??? Quit???
  2. Feedback??? No no son, this isn't feedback, mass complaint.
  3. NetEase again is at fault here, as players would of reported him. #Op, although I stand by my preivous post, the fact your name change has still appeared on friends chat box should be a lesson learnt. NetEase needs to disable ops chat for a period of time, if he continues with his crack azz attitude, perma chat ban.
  4. Forgetting how much it costs to change ones name ingame. No small feat. Once all friends have been removed your name change should not show up at all in their chat, as op will no longer be able to view chatter from former friends. If players have a grievence with op, they can report him... great ingame feature.
  5. Player has deleted all friends, shouldn't show up as a notification on their screen if they are no longer on his friends list. Agree with op.
  6. NO response from forum mods why support has "Stopped Working" or '"Responding" to clients ingame issues. Can you walk us through and alternative contact besides complaining on the forums as to how to resolve ingame issues pls.
  8. If you didn't swear, and ya didn't cheat .. then this game "definitely" isn't for you. No wonder you got banned, now #F/O
  9. #throwmyhandsup Makes no sense to me. You can log in as many alts based on how many devices you have, feed your main account which renders item shop almost useless when you have alts feeding your main. Call me Handikap butt sumding just aint write dur.
  10. 6 of us in survival trying to kill one guy, we all died 1 by 1, guys HP bar didn't move a freckle