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  1. We're having the same issues in crusaders of light. No one responding for a month. At a loss as to what to do. The idiots on CoL FB page keep referring clients to support, even though a lot of complaints on fb page is about support not responding.... makes no sense to me
  2. Great post op, but like FairyW said, these guys are better of as cheekun farmers....
  3. these guys are on point, more specifically FairyW who hit the nail on the head.... lol FairyW Posted Thursday at 11:48 AM (edited) ยท The only good event this year is if scammernetease sell the game to a real company with a serious plan. Ocho and redpanda are 2 dummyuseless idiots who just talk nonsense,when the questions are not too hard, or they don t answer at all. I suggest everyone who spent only 1 cent to support eternal arena to ask for refund into googleplay settings. The truth is that netease don t care a fu*k about players, they haven t made only one move without make mistakes and ruin the game more and more over any limit of a normal intelligence. You care only about money, i play from 1year and 3 months and i ve NEVER seen only 1 bug fixed, not only 1 smart move to improve gameplay, only **** for keep ask money. You have totally killed the game, there were thousands player, now players are less than 500 and you still come here to tell us bull**** like if no1 realized what you have done? You are a group of donkeys, only scams from you, your job should be in a farm to feed chickens, that s what you re born for.
  4. move on... old topic ... your obsession with me is creepy
  5. Yep I got Jack Sh!t for a reply... Run into alot of sh!tty devs/pub but dang, have to say, this lot really stands out from the crowd ... and I still play the game..... fk I never learn.
  6. S/N:- 452947 SERVER:- Sardar Highland UTC+9 LEVEL:- 53 CLASS:- Mystic DEVICE:-PC/Laptop PLATFORM:- Facebook Gameroom ISSUE:- Still no response from support or RedPanda re compensation for the 6th Dec failed update which caused some of us players unable to play the game. 1 week?? At a loss as to what to do next.
  7. always one step forward and 2 steps back with this game
  8. Nox ... But didn't know how to unbound my fb account to google
  9. As above. How do you split the skills bar into 2 rows of 5. JUst waatching a video, and noticed the guy had 2 skills bars, whereas mine is one long line which is a pain to play. Playing from pc/ fb gameroom. Sweet f all instruction in this game to show how to do this.
  10. all good. Seems I have a bug. They need to add bestiary in my menu achive. ............pak they just fixed it, soz just logged in ... crisis averted. Icon back in UI
  11. Haven't been abe to play since dec 6th, 4gotten the hotkey for beasts. I dont have an icon on my UI. Twice I was told to go to achive then mounts, but thats not what Im after. Want to change my flag on my back to something else and my mount.
  12. sent private message to mods on here, fb page and support, still no answer.