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  1. Yeah I've got 2 I believe. Shoulder for my class and a mystic accessory. I think jewellery should be interchangeable across all classed though...
  2. First of all I disagree with the most recent mana increase to relentless. Stop nerfing Scouts when they are one of the weakest classes. Secondly: In Reply to RedPanda So let's focus our energies on Starblade and scouts a bit here. What do you think the Scout is good at? DPS - main roll of the path I believe. What do you think the Scout should be good at? DPS. It SHOULD be the top dps class in the game or atleast on par with warriors and mystic FULL DPS specs. What kind of role do you think Starblade should fulfill in your rotation? It should be a supplement to your DPS rotation. The current speed, reset and animation of the skill does not make it fit in to any rotation efficiently. AKA, it is currently useless. If you want to keep the <20% aspect of it (as a finishing move) I didn't mind it how it was pre re nerf - spamable under 20% to basically replace your (1) skill (main attack). Although if you were to implement this again I would remove the ridiculous mana cost. If you want to restructure the skill there are many good ways as suggested above by other scouts. In general I think a HUGE damage boost or a increased crit rate is needed and a restructure of the animation is also needed to make the skill fit more fluidly into the Scouts rotation. You could also restructure the skill into a passive to make the third attack of the Scouts main attack to shoot out a starblade volley with increased damage and crit chance. Again this would also need a large buff to the skills damage and crit rate or crit damage. Where do you think Starblade successful and not successful in performing its role in your rotation? Currently no where. For argument sake, when the target is below 20% and all my skills are on cooldown I spam it whenever it is up (2 shots) - I prioritise it over my main attack (1). However I usually use it once or twice before the target is dead in the rotation... It gets very little use. Currently I feel like it doesn't reset the skill properly when it crits. It feels like you get 2 shots with it then have to wait the full amount of time for the skill to recharge. Maybe make any crits grant a charge so the skill becomes more spamable? All in all the skill needs a full rework or a HUGE damage buff. Scouts (no matter how well we kite) cannot kill an on par mystic or warrior. On another note i would like to see some changes to Arena, the current system is stupid.
  3. Reputation guide - where to auto the mobs without attacking bosses etc
  4. Hi there. I am using the facebook gamesroom app on pc and I cannot connect to voice chat. I used to be able to connect but not hear anything or use mic? Is there a way of configuring my headset to facebook gamesroom in settings somehow? or I was thinking maybe if you have multiple devices your account settings get bugged? Any info on the topic would be much appreciated. (Yes I have tried to restart the game on and off and when in party also multiple times). Cheers