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  1. Oh, it's not crusaders of light... Just a dream to see someone banned on the crusaders of light
  2. People using alt characters (using speedhack) to collect ore and plants, doing dungeons and survival... I will not spend my time filming or taking screenshot, netease will not do ANYTHING ! Impunity has won! Laverlan_Lake_UTC-3
  3. patch notes PLEASE.... still waiting for patch notes from last week....
  4. Please, decrease the price of legendary essences ... they currently cost 250k and have 16 PAGES available!!! 250k is very expensive for some players and this only prevents them of evolving in the game (like me) I'm picking up Sam's items and I can't use them wtf
  5. casino games, only money matters
  6. WTF? a new class or new map is coming?
  7. The new lucky draw is permanent or for a limited time? @TinyDragon @Ocho
  8. I've never seen anyone be banned in this game!!!!!!!!
  9. i just got a mega box mail in my paladin lvl 8....
  10. Did anyone get it? I did not receive ... @RedPanda
  11. Patch notes please!!!!
  12. 500 hours of gameplay for nothing, gg