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  1. I can't wait the elemental class, will probably be the most OP class in this game
  2. at this moment, is really difficult to get gold, Ores 100 gold or less is killing me
  3. unfortunately it is a dead event, nobody else plays it
  4. many things in this game need to be revised...
  5. Daily login rewards returned to the old things, no more transmog itens and star shaving.....
  6. LVL 55 for what? to kill the same "old mobs", stronger? lol...
  7. Well, to kill "Elemental leader (Lord invasion) Hell 1-3 is needed 1 tank + 4 DPS (mystic DPS using some healing spells) Now, mystica Hell difficulty, it's the same way... 1 tank + 4 DPS (mystic DPS using some healing spells) What's next? Wake up NetEase! YOU'RE KILLING HEALER CLASS from the game! I love healers and I want to continue playing with my healer! Have a nice day.
  8. COL Healers = Mage DPS using some randoms healing spells. RIP Healers.
  9. just "delete" the single match from survival mode, now it's a team match 3+... groups everywhere
  10. Just make an event 14 days login, like paladin release and i'll be happy
  11. is getting ridiculous, every match of survival SOLO, have small groups (guilds / friends) united to kill. I hope the ADM punishes these players , or it will get worse every day. The survival mode is a lot of fun and some idiots are ruining it.
  12. A paladin 40k rating will kill everybody and everything