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  1. is getting ridiculous, every match of survival SOLO, have small groups (guilds / friends) united to kill. I hope the ADM punishes these players , or it will get worse every day. The survival mode is a lot of fun and some idiots are ruining it.
  2. A paladin 40k rating will kill everybody and everything
  3. good luck to those who will start a new character
  4. ... survival event (PVP) and class changer ? this is the 2.5 chinese version of the game
  5. What's the point of this? hours and hours of gameplay to lose everything? Sad....
  7. the answer is here:
  8. Well, for me, the faction honor is extremely useless, no special tittles to TOP 3 players... can't buy anything using the honor... Please, let the players buy some itens using the faction honor, like Dragon Scale, Gollen cast iron or some specific set for the faction. If you fight to help your faction, you deserve better prizes ..
  9. What determines a winning team when both sides end up with the same number of players alive? The time of the match was over and my team was considered loser, when 2 players were alive for each side. I would like to know what determines a winning team in this case?!
  10. Cool, I'm lvl 45 and I have only 1 path lvl 32, ridiculous game
  11. This game is getting weird. One lvl 38 has more path than me in the lvl 45
  12. Well, 80% of battles in the battlefield event are unbalanced... The people make a raid with 25 people (from guild or only high levels) to fight against empty or weak teams. To enter in this event, it should not be allowed group/raid/team mode, so the game system would make a better distribution of players. Moreover, there is already a battle between guilds, It does not make sense people go there with a guild raid against randoms/weak players.