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  1. hahahahah This is tragic but is funny.
  2. Well, the game is abandoned, a lot of people doing infinite medals every day using bugs faction and nobody is banned! or is it really allowed to take advantage using bugs in the game? LET ME KNOW IF IS ALLOWED!!! We don't have answers about anything. No one admin/moderator to answer in the forum anymore... and according with the post below, service japan is closing... So I guess the end is near.
  3. they will be banned for 30 minutes
  4. and the best thing... NOBODY WILL BE BANNED!
  5. I hope they do good events to celebrate 1 year of skills bug
  6. the game is dying, is not only rangers...
  7. Well, Ascension of Heroes Event just disappeared today, before we could get the Diamond chest lol
  8. SAME. great 1 year anniversary punishing clean players !
  9. Please, I want mystica bug at laverlan_lake_UTC-3 too... I feel impaired!
  10. maybe we need a merge, not a new server
  11. Weird, the same people are using speedhack for months and they are still there using lol
  12. "Argh"(10 points) from liador, I don't know what do you need to do, though
  13. who uses speedhack is banned for 30 minutes, yes 30 minutes, it's not a joke
  14. Well, nobody do aldorr coliseum for fun, the only reason someone tries to do it, is to get the weekly medals! I'm for 5 hours trying to find 5 matches in aldorr coliseum (3x3) and I only found 3 matches (ranked Gold 2)... Delete aldorr coliseum and just give the prizes in the coliseum and everything will be less frustrating (both are almost the same thing now, after the last update)