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  1. Thanks again for the extensive feedback. reading the above I get the point that spell crit is most important in the long run. Taken that point into consideration the diamond of choice is the lunar diamond then? Thats the only diamond which has spell crit... short term i might still opt for a few dazzling diamonds first until i am not that squishy any more (lvl 44, only 10.5k HP)
  2. Very good guide, thank you. which diamond is the choice for a healer? Moontears due to the extra percentage of heal or any other you would recommend?
  3. Hi there, lucky enough i got my first lvl 30 legend item, staff, grade c. whats the right thing to do / which sequence? Reforge/refine/upgrade? or any different sequence? cheers
  4. Well, my main path is lvl 35. So i think it does? While others can farm easily now i am doing it the slow n painful way? Especially since i wanted to push the damage path too as my main is heal
  5. Can a lvl 44 char profit from this or am i screwed?
  6. Thanks, very good read-up!
  7. Cheers, tried it. Takes ages to do that. Guess farming is better invested time
  8. Good point! I never ever reach 1k alt medals - it even close. Even with doing all dailies. Whats the trick to hit that limit / get close?
  9. What about the divine sets u get with the flowers of torannis? How do they compare with the legends and other sets? I assume u can upgrade them, same as legends? They must be really good then?
  10. Thanks so much. How many frost hearts u needed to spend to get it from lvl 30 to lvl 40 ss?
  11. Thanks Tomo. Do I get this right then that by reforging u can only increase the stats "so much", meaning it is dependant on the grade of the item? to make a live example: spending resources on reforging a SS item is much better than spending resources on a C item? by reforging the grade never changes but only the stats - my understanding by reading the above.
  12. Snowfall staff. it says lvl 45, forged. so is that lvl45 blue or lvl30 and then upgraded multiple times so ot becomes lvl 45??
  13. Ty Varking i am seeing more and more people with forged legendary weapons, lvl 40/43/45. That said it must be possible to forge legendary not only with range 30-39 as the video suggests?! i guess it costs a fortune though taking into consideration that its ie 40stones for one try with chances as low as 3% to actually get one?!
  14. Item levels (a, aa, ss etc) silver farming