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  1. @Ocho this gonna b goooood
  2. You didn't get the joke...there is no june 31st, june only has 30 days lmao
  3. I am actually fine with all this because the top 2 guilds quit so now mine is first lol
  4. @Ocho man, 20$ says it won't come in June, you in?
  5. Well...none is obliged to be nice, as far as this game is free to play, only you can change the fate of this situation. The players that are winning MH always are indeed not good human beings, but if they are the strongest then so be it. The game is also a bit at fault because they only allow 1 player to get that power spike.
  6. I think we're getting too optimistic about this guys
  7. 20$ says it wont arrive in June, you in Ocho?
  8. I'm experiencing really intense deja vu
  9. +1 I'm with you dude, @Ocho any chance to get some balancing anytime soon?
  10. dude...at this point..you take whatever you can get They are way too focused on Onmyoji to give EA attention..it's a miracle that they didn't close EA yet, or that someone actually answers forums here
  11. Hehe, I'm actually glad to see all this forum activity
  12. @Ocho I get all excited when I hear "next event" rofl
  13. Sigh @Ocho people are really angry at the moment, you created hopes saying it will come at the beginning of may..now there is a huge ****storm in my server
  14. this is...quite some bad news...a lot of people will be pissed as you used yo say the next one was going to arrive at the beginning of may..yikes