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  1. What do you mean by theft of pvp points? You mean in the ranked system? Give us more details. As far as I know there are "free diamonds for eternal arena" sites that they use to steal your account, but only low level players fall for this kind of things, usually everyone that has experience knows about it. The player you talked about, what does he threaten other players with?
  2. The only thing I wish for at the moment is to have scheduled events, like monthly, or to make it so you know the precise date of the next event.
  3. So what is your problem in the end, what do you want to happen? Would you like the game to shut down even if there are people still enjoying it?
  4. You lost hope for what more precise...the game works as any other mobile game..it has bugs from time to time and stuff, the number of players is decreasing but that's normal. And it's only normal that I try to get more events and stuff because I enjoy playing.
  5. All he frustrated people here just want to have the game shut down for some reason, instead of simply deciding to not play something that they don't like. None ever obliges you to buy anything or spend any money, you can very well play and enjoy EA without any cent. And surprise, I don't want the game to shut down, so I try to make stuff happen.Of course they will not do anything if like only 4-5 people are active on this forum. If we were a bigger number we would be taken more seriously.
  6. OH, cool, I'm gonna start saving up on my diamonds then, thank you for coming back to us
  7. @Ocho people are getting impatient dude, come on, tell us something at least..
  8. No, I've been playing for a long time, but I enjoy it. And instead of being literally retarded and trying to get the game I enjoy to shut down, I try to ask for help and fix thing. If you don't want to play anymore,fine, just don't play anymore, but about the "omg, shut down servers" thing, speak for yourself, there are people who still enjoy.
  9. Speak for yourself, if you cannot control your frustration this is solely your problem. There are a lot of people still playing, and rather than shutting down the servers we should prove our activity so they may eventually give us more attention.
  10. @Ocho yo, ocho it's been almost 4 days since you said you would share something with us in 1 or 2 days, so did you find out anything interesting?
  11. @Ocho we sure will man, thank you for not forgetting us
  12. @TobeRobert yeah but I feel some risk here..if i spend all my diamonds on stuff that i really wanna spend them on i might not have any left for the incoming events...so that's not good either:(
  13. @Ocho thank you a lot for doing that, a lot of players that i know are saving up diamonds for the next events so there are many folks that wanna know when will it land:)
  14. +1 from me but it is unlikely that they would actually tell us for once the date of the next event And yeah, at least a gear up would be nice...so we could..like...gear up
  15. @Helpme yeah it would be nice to know if we will have events this month, right @Ocho ? Could you give us some sneak peak towards when will the next event land? Just approximately if you want pretty pleasee <3