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  1. I will rather not post howto on public forum. Just trust me, there is a trick to buy crystals at max price.
  2. I am the same with Devoidra. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I die with leash on me but do not get achievement. Maybe because not enough people in raid and leash is not between 2 players but between player and boss?
  3. All great but they make an exception for crystals page. Because it makes them money. Good job, Netease!
  4. Doesn't sound as impressive when you pair with this: But good for you. Congrats.
  5. You are in wrong thread. No one is discussing Shepherds here. Unfortunately Shepherds are mostly useless because Magellana's Judgement and Verity Spirit paths do not have reduced healing. I know Verity Spirit has "reduced healing" in path description but I doubt that is true. Haven't really tested myself. Fact is Magellana's Judgement path doesn't have reduced healing. That has been discussed to death and looks like developers are not going to change it.
  6. @Alex it's called win trading. That's all. Same as Duel achievements. I personally wouldn't even bother with all that crap but achievement points give permanent stats in this game...
  7. Two. I know. A grind is a grind. Wouldn't go as far as to call it exploiting...
  8. Seriously, it is very easy to tell legit from farmed. Legit you receive honor because you are killing different people. Farm you are not receiving honor because you kill the same person over and over again. After 10-20 (forgot exact number) you stop receiving honor. Anyway, so what? I view this title the same as mob farming titles. Just farming. It's not even purple. Meh.
  9. I don't follow. It does drop in heroic team raids. Plenty. I'm not even buying that crap for 20K anymore.
  10. Mystics who can will solo obviously, because of Frost Hearts. And they (we) will do it no matter what the minimum player count requirement is. I suggested lowering the minimum to 3 players, example 1 tank, 1 dps and 1 healer.
  11. You probably already know this but in 5v5 your power doesn't mean anything. 5v5 is Fair Duel mode - everyone is plvl 50 and similar gear. In 5v5 you can switch to any path - they are all free and leveled to 50. Potions are also free in 5v5. But yeah, Shepherd path is useless pretty much everywhere. I switched to Magellana hybrid to enjoy all game content and still play the role that I like - healer. I also have Shepherd path at level 46 and Virtue rune at lvl 40 for Heroic Team Raids where team is short on pure healers.
  12. Pretty sure this is associated with how many IAP you have made. I have spent $0 and my bank is level 1.
  13. Current requirement to enter a Heroic Raid is 7 players in team minimum. I hate asking help from guild/alts to enter a heroic raid that I will solo. As players get stronger these raids are becoming trivial. At least lower the requirement to 3 players in team. Thanks.