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  1. Yes, there are bots running on some servers monitoring crystals page and buying when price is 50 gold/crystal. Which server are you from? You will need to increase price to 60 gold to work around the bots.
  2. I completely agree. And also, there are way too many spells. There should only be 1 spell - heal all party. It should heal everyone to 100%. Additionally the character should auto dodge all damage from bosses because red circles are hard. Also, healers should never get oneshot by bosses. If that happens raid wipes. So, please fix your bosses, Netease. Kthxbye.
  3. At least pvp is fair now. No more pay2flee players that would hop on their mounts and run away when about to get rekt. Of course there is point of speed boost in pve. Daily quests that you run on auto. Also guild battles still (unfortunately) use raid mode, so it's still useful there. I hope devs don't make Adversary mode pvp pay2win.
  4. In order from highest to lowest: 20 Trial Protect the Relic (exp earned depends on your dps) Guild Goblints or Guild Bonfire + Guild Battle 3 Goblint Camp (you can do any normal raid but this gives the most exp) 2 Elemental Lords 2 rep quests excluding Thundercall, for example Preparation Quest and Strange Events Thundercall rep Demon Invasion 5 Arena And of course I may be forgetting something.
  5. The real problem here is that min price for easily obtainable item should be much lower than 250K. They dropped the min price for Exquisite blueprints but not for essences.
  6. It's only the Bracelet for Guild Battle, I think. Each activity has different gear drops, for example Tramcart event drops Necklace. 120K coins is a lot. Will pay attention next time. It's from the chest, right? I'm not sure if you have to win to get it. Yesterday I had my alt in Guild Battle 40v40, the team lost but I got the chest and it had bracelet. My always-on-follow alt that I don't even play now has 2 pvp jewelry items and my main has 0.
  7. Word. Those level 40 rings and meteorites are insanely OP.
  8. Why would I do guild hunts if I'm already maxed on all hunts. All seasoned players are. We only do guild hunts to help guildies and for L30 blueprint chance. There is no pvp during guild hunts. It is over too quick for there to be any pvp. Faction hunt... Maybe. I haven't figured out yet how it works. Is it the same boss and Light and Shadow are placed on opposite sides of the boss? I do see some opposing faction members during faction hunt but very few. It may be a glitch for all we know. I think you are confused. It is understandable because there are so many game modes in this game. Unless you are very hardcore it's hard to keep track of all. They should clean up the items store and remove all useless items, including the Aldorr divine items. They should make *all* pvp in this game use Adversary attributes. The gear should automatically switch between raid gear and pvp gear depending on area you are entering. Just my suggestions...
  9. No. For Faction pvp and Aldorr 5v5 you need the gear with Adversary attributes. Buy it in Adversary Chamber store. Currently all 5 set bonuses of "T1 - Fishing" gear are broken. Basically you are only getting the gear for Adversary base attributes - Adversary damage boost and Adversary damage reduction.
  10. I'm not Jesus but I can try giving an answer. Each pack of 100 monsters reduces bounty by 5 points. The quest never completes. If you play the game correctly, you will never have to do this quest. You can drop the quest. It will be available again once your pvp bounty gets high.
  11. I for one like the Adversary mode and the new wpvp and Aldorr 5v5. I still can't kill geared Paladin tank but neither can he kill me - it's a stallmate, so I guess that's fine. In case you missed the new update, there is no such thing as Fair Duel anymore. wpvp and 5v5 Aldorr now uses Adversary attributes. You need to pvp to buy gear and gems. I'm currently 12/6 T1 Fishing gear, all blue defensive pvp gems and all purple offensive pvp gems. And yes, I can oneshot ungeared players (or players who use raid gear) in wpvp.
  12. Not that hard to understand. The Adversary gear is for wpvp and 5v5 Aldorr. 3v3 Alrorr and Guild battles still use raid gear. Hopefully they will change it but it's not really a big deal. If you are a hardcore pvp player and don't care about raids and such: 1. Do faction quests from Battle menu War Events - Faction Trade, Faction Hunt, Collect Crystals, Find out Intelligence, High-Energy Crystal Nucleus. 2. Go wreck some people in wpvp. You can enter from same menu - Eliminate Enemies. But keep an eye on your Bounty. You don't want to hit 300 points. 3. Go farm some mobs and people in Highshard Valley. This map does not penalize with bounty. 4. Do weekly Aldorr matches 5 matches 3v3 and 5 matches 5v5. You won't be competitive in 3v3 because it's for raid gear but you just need 5 matches. 5. Buy gear and gems in Adversary Chamber store. I may be forgetting something but basically that's it.
  13. Not true. They still have other caps, i.e. there is a cap for daily coins. I pvp a lot and every day I run into situation where I cannot pick up boxes in wpvp zones. Daily Honor is also limited. The bounty system is just bs to prevent ppl from killing other ppl too much. But isn't that the point of pvp?
  14. Looks like it does clear 20 bounty points every hour but with condition - you have to be online. Would be good to also lose some points when you are offline, like 5 every hour.