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  1. I wouldn't mind if all p2w content were just cosmetic items. Wouldn't even be fair to call it pay 2 win. Pay 2 look good maybe. Alas it is not the case.
  2. Yes, you can buy blueprints at Leaf exchange merchant for Legendary pvp gear and Flower exchange merchant for Divine pvp gear. Also, pro tip: You can open Equipment craft menu and see all available recipes and when you click on required items it has a link that takes you to merchant or shop where you can obtain it.
  3. And no, it's called "Crit Healing Effect" as you can see on D0 - Grace set. And if you wanted to say it is bad translation and "Crit Healing Effect" == "Heal Crit Coefficient" then you should have just stated that instead of this: Again, critical magic is same as critical heal. Critical magic damage does not apply to heal.
  4. @Wind Specter I know everything about the topic. If you are confusing magic crit with magic crit damage then it's not my problem.
  5. A much easier fix is to not allow expanding 5 player team to 40 player squad. Why is that option even there?
  6. I'm starting to think people can't read and need everything spoonfed to them.
  7. Thing is, I read the release notes before maintenance, understood what it meant but didn't rebuy the ilvl 100 gear because was hoping for insane payout for my Honor points.
  8. You missed release notes that stated they will not be available anymore. Each piece that you discarded for 100 silver will now cost you 2 Gollens to craft pvp legendary with new recipe. I discarded them all. gg
  9. @Aalelorn There is no point to this discussion without showing real numbers. It is all on per item (or per slot) basis. I think Netease fcked up somewhere with numbers because some slot items have high stats compared to others. Also, the no package items in shop have ridiculously low numbers. If you had or kept old gear then you know what I mean. How about this: shop robe that has ~4% reduction vs legendary 144 grade robe that has ~10% reduction on average? I am 0 pvp legendaries (with higher boost and reduction than what you listed) just because I want to see how this pvp gear plays out and what further upgrades will they bring. With reduction stats this high I don't know what they are thinking. You hit 100% or near 100% and it's god mode. They already screwed players by making identifying more expensive if you discarded your ilvl 100 gear that is no longer available now. As if Gollens and Scales are free. And tell your friend to upgrade his legendary gear.
  10. Cool story bro. Have you actually seen damage reduction and damage boost stats on pvp legendaries? Even if you farm S grade (which I think is highest for this type of gear) from store, it will not match legendary.
  11. Yes you do and your point is?
  12. @syvcthr Very good observation, it is absolutely best buy. Where else can you get 1:500 gold to silver valuation?
  13. Apparently have to remove and reinstall.