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  1. I think your guide is missing step "delete character".
  2. You will be able to buy 2 different potions for new pvp mode with these coins. Whenever they merge the code from Land of Glory that is.
  3. This has been issue with pretty much all sets that proc off your spells since forever. If it removes half of your HP then you need to invest into some armor. Top up! Also, I noticed that you are pvp-ing in wrong spec. Pro tip: try Templar.
  4. Hello Crusader, Molvi Ji and Baba Ji from Mumbai can help with this problem. Please find their contact information on this forum and give them a call.
  5. I call BS on this. I see a lot of people spreading this misinformation and others believing it and doing these lords in hopes of obtaining the Necklace bp. Of course it never happens.
  6. Because they were not the first to find out and also because (with this particular exploit) they may not be able to compete with other people exploiting the bug because they don't have the hardware resources needed to scale the bug/exploit for more rewards. ... if you know what I mean.
  7. I'm releasing details before OP. Cloning in faction full guide
  8. I don't know what you are talking about and I'm sure no one needs help running trial quest. The monsters hit kinda hard but it is survivable. I suggest buying the small potions to heal yourself if you find it is hard. But if someone (guildie not random) absolutely can't find 2 players to make a 3-player team for trial quest I would not mind joining if I don't have anything else to do. It is f**ing 00:00 server time for me ffs. How many times do I have to repeat it? Can you even read? I run reset at 00:00. Because as @Crashing playerpointed out I don't have life apparently. Looks like you are the one running shady operations at 23:00 and messing with time zones. Do you also change your system clock? That would be glitching and exploiting for sure.
  9. By that logic I probably also use some kind of a bug to get Scar Plains Heroic rewards TWICE a week. Because i run it randomly whenever I feel like but I noticed that I get rewards twice a week. omg TWICE!!! Yes, I specifically said I get rewards twice. It's kinda hard to not notice when killing a boss gives you reward. What is your point? Should I stop helping others because I already got my reward at 00:00 and I'm not supposed to get any more? What would Jesus do?
  10. No, I do simply run it at 00:00. But it's good that you know better than me what I do. I will repeat to you because apparently you have comprehension issues. Step 1: I simply run Mystica at reset along with all other stuff I do at reset. Step 2: During the week I simply help others to complete Mystica. Step 3: There is no Step 3. Kudos to you for knowing exactly what I do. I will be sure to check with you when I misplace something and can't remember where I put it.
  11. Yes, 90% of hardcore players run the reset at 00:00. Why would we even discuss casual players here? They are falling behind anyway from not completing every daily quest available in game. Not my problem that there is as you say a "bug" serverside. I run my reset at 00:00 and next day or during week when I help guildies I can get rewards again. That is not exploiting. That is merely stumbling upon what you claim is a bug. That has yet to be shown that it is a bug. Apparently Netease does not care about it if it is so.
  12. Not my problem that you run your reset later in the day. I run all resets at 00:00. Including Mystica.
  13. Dude, not again this. There is no glitch for double reset. If it resets on server twice for whatever reason how is it glitching? Does it require any special action on part of user to trigger this? No! Unlike cloning where you have to take very specific actions (involving multiple game client instances and actions) to trigger same character in multiple x-server instances.
  14. Could you check if they are still doing it after the recent maintenance? I believe the bug may have been fixed. Ban is a wishful thinking...