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  1. Other healer class is not needed. Healing power nerf is needed for Magellana's Judgement path.
  2. @RedPanda stated in another thread that Gylfi is intended challenge. Fair enough. Are L46 Guild Goblints also intended challenge? What about L46 and higher monsters in regular daily reputation quests, like Elemental Skirmish, Wine Expedition, Trial Quest? All of above are significantly easier to do if monster level is L45 or lower. It's like there is a huge difficulty gap when monsters scale to L46. It is very trivial to test and verify with Guild Goblints. Create a L46+ player team of 3 players. Test one group of L46+ Guild Goblints. Add a low level player, for example L40, so that Goblint level is scaled down to L45 or lower. Test one group of L45 Guild Goblints.
  3. Yeah. If you know the history you will understand why it is the way it is. A lot of people (myself included) were exploiting the old Karen's buff mechanics to gain huge amount of texp to level 2 paths simultaneously. Netease wanted to patch this because apparently it was not intended but they did kinda crappy job and introduced this problem where if you are lagging exactly 1 level behind current server level you are basically screwed.
  4. Where did I said it doubles? That is your imagination. They have an equation to calculate it.
  5. 1. OK, now I understand what you are saying. Your problem is that you are not at server level. You have to be at server level for path level based Karen's to come into effect. You know, the old Level 44 problem where you would get trouble getting to Level 45 but once you are there you get the buff based on low path level. So my suggestion, since you can't catch up to server level (L47 at this point), stay 2 or 5 levels behind to get Level based Karen's buff. 2. Yes, see above. I explained how texp cap is calculated every day. If you don't have Karen buff, you won't get more than 27K texp unless you gain it via reserve. To recap: nothing has changed. There are 2 ways to get Karen buff - Level based and path level based. You can only receive path level based Karen's buff if you are at server level.
  6. @anon, I don't really care what the description says. I'm stating what I have observed from my experience and you are also confirming it. If you get Karen debuff, your next day's texp cap is affected (13K instead of 27K as you stated). If you get Karen buff, like +900%, your next day's texp cap will be higher than 27K. Default texp daily cap with no Karen buff/debuff and no reserves is not based on your level or path level. It's a constant 27K.
  7. 4/4 is only for survival. If you get a big hit and almost die, you get a free shield and a free Purifying Blast cast. It won't protect you in cases where the damage you take is more than HP you have. I'd say it's nice to have but not essential. You can see when it gets triggered. If you never see it then most likely you don't need it. Even if you see it being triggered, like maybe on Elemental Lords, it doesn't mean you need it because you would have survived the AoE even with 3/4 Divine, it's just that you would need to heal up manually.
  8. @anon, Karen city buff affects both exp and texp. I repeat what I said - if you finish a day with Karen's buff, your next day's texp cap will be affected by that i.e. it will be different from the default 27K.
  9. Sorry, I don't have time to read all this thread, and from reading first couple of posts it appears that people don't understand what they are talking about. The Karen's Blessing EXP buff has not changed. If you finish a day with a buff active your talent EXP cap will also be raised, i.e. it will be higher than 27,000.
  10. People who happened to level to character level 46 can't do simple daily quests unless they have good gear. Same daily quests that they had no problem doing on auto when they were character level 45. Someone on discord (22K gear score) reported that they had to res multiple times to do Wine daily quest, the part where you have to kill elementals. Netease, please investigate and fix. This really hurts less geared players.
  11. I don't think 3/3 nature has ever been best in slot. It's a starter gear that is not that useful and wastes 3 slots. 3/4 virtue, 2/2 flock and 2/2 secret will always be BiS as they give huge enhancement to healer spells. BiS is not really correct term here as you can move them around quite a lot to different pieces to accommodate other sets you may have. Exception is Divine gear that is limited to offhand, helm, chest and pants. Btw, returning to Bloodthirst discussion, after doing some testing I conclude that I was wrong - 10% crit damage enhancement does not apply to healing spells. Only way to get 10% healing crit damage enhancement is from Grace. (Spell crit chance stat still applies to both healing and damage)
  12. Yes, of course people have finished Gylfi quest by having OP tank, good healer and 3 dps that don't mind the repair bill. This is not what the thread is about.
  13. I'm adding a low level team member for all the stuff that scales based on average team level. Even trial quests with L46 monsters are kinda hardcore.
  14. Level 46 Guild Goblints, Level 46 Elemental Skirmish, Gylfi quest monster are all insanely hard. I could almost oneshot guild goblints at Level 45 but at Level 46 (running with an all L46 team) they are super hard. Same with Elemental Skirmish. There appears to be a bug in monster difficulty scaling. I believe that is the reason Gylfi is so hard.