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  1. I did not , if the problem persists i will contact them.
  2. I haven't done anything to my pc , 3 of my friends have the same problem , there are 2 new things running in the backround that werent running before "cefsharp blabla" . I'm 90% sure those are causing the problem , they werent there before. Ok , for some reason the 2 backround applications are gone and now my cpu usage is low . before if i tried closing the applications the game would just crash , now they're just gone by their own
  3. @RedPanda A quick answer would be nice . I started 3 high games , cpu was 30-40% , with CoL only is going over 50% , i dont wanna break my pc , ill stop playing till i get a answer.
  4. Hello , i had no problems running the game before now , my PC was silent , after the latest update my CPU usage is 50% while i'm ingame , and the pc is making alot of noise because of it. I dont think this is normal , it used to be 20% or less i think With col : Without
  5. @RedPanda Can you please atleast confirm if this is possible or not ?
  6. Oh and , you cant remove someone from the blacklist unless they're offline. "You must be kidding"
  7. I m sick of some guys spamming the invite button all day long , there's a guy that invites me every 5 seconds , it doesnt stop untill i make a team (seriously , he keeps inviting me 24/7). Can you please make it so that blacklist blocks their invites? @RedPanda
  8. You seriously didnt see these topics ?
  9. Not even nox is working anymore..stuck here
  10. You should probably read before typing . I said I DONT have any lag or fps drops , i simply want to unlock the fps , from 30 to 60
  11. I don't lag , my fps is not going down , i just want to make the game smoother
  12. @RedPanda Anything i can do to unlock 60 fps?
  13. No...dont do that