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  1. Yes , use Potential potion . Trade> Item mall > New items > Potential potion (5.000 gold)
  2. Is legendary gear better than divine that you buy with flower of torranis ? Is it worth buying those or crafting legendary?
  3. Why does it say "reset in 7 days" if it doesnt reset? its been the same rewards for 3-4 weeks
  4. Please add other ways to collect faction medals, i'm sick of waiting 2 whole days so i can buy the materials i need to upgrade my legendary gear . After 2 days of waiting i can only buy 3 materials for 1 try , wich gives me the ****tiest stats possible , it's been 2 weeks since i m trying to get my bow past grade A . @RedPanda
  5. Good question , didnt think of that.
  6. Play on pc it's easier . But yes , scaling ui option would be awesome. (It would be more awesome if we could scale the UI one by one , for example , if i choose to scale my avatar really small , or the health bar , etc . )
  7. Maybe it's just me , maybe not , but i fell like there are way too many things on our screens , can you guys add an option on settings so we can lower the UI? @RedPanda
  8. i don't think this topic is about what you prefer..mystics are too op right now. Rangers are supposed to be the main DPS class , well , they're not.
  9. As you can see i set the applications to 8dps , 1 tank and 1 healer , how come 2 more healers joined ? It's not the first time happening , happens all the time , can you fix it? The suggestion , can you add a thing like you did with levels so we can select the path level required to join the party? I m tired of kicking lvl 45 with 25 path level , some of them dont even have a path. @RedPanda
  10. The prices are going down way too fast, in a few weeks we wont be able to make any gold, materials used to have a much higher price. I was wondering if you could "remove the lowering button" , i dont know how else to express myself , put a limit on the lowest price , like 300+ , prices reached to 198 from 396 in 2 days. 2 days ago i was selling mithril pieces for 396 gold , now they're 198 / 200 something on the market. Farming 200 stamina on mithril takes a few hours to make what , 10k a day? (This isnt only about mithril , all the forging materials are too cheap, 1 stone is 998 gold , i need 12 to craft 3 times , that's 12.000 gold , how am i supposed to get that ammount of gold if the prices are so low? Yes, i know you can buy them with medals) @RedPanda
  11. I tried searching serveral friends / guild members on the "add a friend" section , it doesnt work , is there something you can do?
  12. Is there a higher chance if you craft more at once? Or it doesnt matter ?
  13. Dont do that lol. Do 3x goblin then the others
  14. @Anonymous69 Reforging legendary / divine equipment requires 5 stones per use , you use more than 100 untill you get good stats, you only get around 30-40 maybe daily .