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  1. @RedPanda Any answer? Anyone looking into this?
  2. I don't know if its the animation that the skills are ready , the animation that the character is doing or just me , but i have to press the skills like 3 times before they work . Take in mind that i was standing still and looking at the skills exactly when they are ready to use and press them , in a boss fight u dont have time to do that and your dps is gonna go way , way down because of all the missing skills . Sorry about the quality @RedPanda
  3. If you have the 10 skill bar and you are on auto only the first 5 skills are being used , the rest are ignored . Also , i have to press a skill like 3-4 times before it actually works idk whats up with that , it might be the "popping" animation when the skill is ready.
  4. The 10 skills look so much better on phone than pc , can you make it the same for pc? I can barely see when my skills reset because they re so small Oh and fix the grass , my eyes hurt.
  5. 0.001 cm away from him: "too far away" , best game ever Here s the extra btw
  6. Yes , you can only get d0 on crafted accesory legendaries.
  7. You only need 110% accuracy , focus on crit after you get that.
  8. Contact the support team , never seen that .
  9. If you see "first kill" on the bosses like this you wont get any reward If you see them like this , with their name , you will get the reward Team raids reset once a week , so if you kill it in that week you wont get any more rewards from that raid that week, you have to wait for the reset.
  10. Earth elemental lords are pointless , no one does them because they attack too fast , aoe + circles come every 5 seconds , circles are impossible to avoid because they spawn in 0.01 seconds) , dps goes down like 4k or more , healers can't heal because all of the aoe that comes and everyone getting hit by circles. So basically they are useless , would be nice if you'd make them like water or change something about them . @RedPanda
  11. Privacy for what? It's the best way to recruit / accept people in raids since you can inspect them and see their attributes . What's so private about your attributes?
  12. Sorry not ring , got confused , i ment accesory / earring
  13. Pretty much everything , i have pants / cape / sash /pauldrons / ring , you can also get it for earrings bow etc