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  1. Sigh, i didn't.. unless of course my guildie cheated us all. But we were there when he got the bp (as he said) and crafted and proc leggy. I was only trying to share what i know. :\ as if i get anything in return zzz
  2. This are great info. However, one thing i might need to chip in some I got a guildie who got earring bp from brutal ele and got leggy from forging 2 of em. So it may dropped from ele maybe?
  3. TL:DR [1] Whats the cap for Accuracy/Hit/Magic Penetration/Magic Accuracy? [2] Stats variety need to be trimmed. Ie, merge accuracy and hit, magic penetration and magic accuracy. In fact, just have a universal hit. [3] Why have crush damage especially on tank, when they can also be crit? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First off, may i know what is the hard hit/accuracy/spell piercing rate for this game? Official reference said 15% accuracy and did not mention anything bout the spell pierce and hit. Well, it did mentioned that 100% hit is needed by if the target has dodge and parry then it might vary, so my question is, different boss has different dodge and parry? How much should we aim for hit? because i dont believe 100% is enough as it is too easy to obtain.I believe Netease should really be more dynamic and transparent on these fundamental stuff. I agree game mech need to be keep secret at times or so but such fundamental things, u have to make it clear to the players. Secondly, as clean and simplified as this game is, i really think the broad variety of stats really isn't helping the depth of the game. While i can foresee the issues of amalgamate stats into one at this stage, i really think the long term values would justify the short term havoc. For example, why are we having hit, accuracy then spell pierce? Just combine those stats to hit. I can und the need to perhaps have separate physical and magic resist or crit resist, but why don't physical resist just work into physical def and magic resist work into magic def? I dont play a spell dps but recently as i discussed with my team mates who are elementalist and magel, they told me about there are THREE stats for caster to invest in order to reliably hitting the boss. Magic Accuracy which i assume is equivalent to physical hit, Magic Penetration which i assume equivalent to accuracy, and magic pierce which should be same as physical piercing. I mean, cant all three be combined into one? And then, from tank pov, theres no way of eliminating boss critting, so why should there still be crush mechanism in this game? at least why should it still be a luck factor for tank? It has been a very old and way outdated concept ditched by blizzard a decade ago. (im not trying to say this game should be like WoW, but such mechanic got removed for a reason, because you let RNGesus get his hand on the fight that could almost insta ko tank, and thats not cool for a group where everyone did the mech perfectly)
  4. Having same issue as well. Any GM please help? Really hate to have this one quest stuck in log.