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  1. People have been discussing about Magellanas to much power it can do but as usual nothing happens. Magellanas path is good at everything while the other classes have to use different path to fulfill their necessity either it pvp or pve.
  2. Not trying to insult here...but what is your device your playing on? i dont have any issues playing on iPhone 6s and ofcourse if you have a older device then dont wonder why your game is slow.
  3. Please look at the stat table parry counteracts accuracy NOT rating. Even if u have 200% hit rating but 0 accuracy u will get parried a lot.
  4. Its not broken! Theres no people queuing.
  5. Coz you are a bunch p2w! How much have you spent so far?
  6. I agree seen people on solo queue that form groups once inside the map. Looks like they are all guildies or friends that forms alliance inside the map. Good suggestion on taking off names and replaced it with pseudo names or nothing.
  7. This is not gonna happen! Why? Its gonna break netease business model.
  8. Is there a way you can review mystics magellanas capability in pvp. They are too powerfull as they have burst damage plus shield plus self sustain healing. It really is impossible to defend your self in faction if running solo doing quests. This is also unfair to other class running full pve path and low level pvp subpath. Magellana is a pve path but its also the best pvp path for mystics. Im seeing a lot of complaints about magellanas but i havent seen any remedial action from netease.
  9. I agree with this! Magellanas is taking over the role of shepperd... shepperd are slowly disappearing in teams.
  10. Just a quick question. For scout stand point should i upgrade shadow crows focust (float/stun resist) or keen observation (extend range of all skills)?
  11. With all the mats and gold u putting bp its better to save those and just buy exquisite legendaries. Its worth getting the pricey exquisite legendary as it is the more superior endgame gear.
  12. Dude you have been saying you got rfunded. You got your money back! Why do you still keep ranting here? We already heard your issues. Why cant you move on?
  13. This is what im talking about! 50% dodge from gems? Lol exageration to the maxxxxx. Lets be real people. Door is open get your refund and delete the game and find something else, its that easy. Pleas dont talk as if all players are having a bad time. I dont understand people keep spamming their rant here one is enough. Like i said door is widely open. Majority of the players are still enjoying this game dont talk as if this is the end.
  14. This only represents small foot print of the population. By reading all the comments, these people are the ones that didnt get more! Fertile Gorge is very lively, you all are exagerating to much. You all can leave the game and get your money but remember in MMO people come and go. You will not be missed! I didnt get anything back but u know what every run i did is i still top the dps chart, now tell me people got boosted becoz they receive a million diamonds etc etc...