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  1. Requesting moderators to closed this convesation. These people are just trolling here. Feedbacks have been heard and no need to repeat a gazillion times.
  2. Damn people in my server warriors are top dps exe is on par with other class. Wait till you get all your levlel dps buff skill... i hope netease will nerf the dps when people start getting that buff. I also see a lot of new players choosing warrior as its op rn.
  3. The issue here is all these people want to see them on top of dps chart. What a garbage, they do not put the team composition inconsideration. Like i said earlier here you lose dps becoz u have to backup for the mechanics not because you have low pathetic dps output. Id say nerf warriors more netease please!
  4. Saw a warrior exe china version and their level 55 skill that buff dps is op as hell, no wonder devs are not doing any changes. I’d say nerf warrior exe a bit as they will be op when they get their lvl 55 skill.
  5. I dont think warriors dps needs buff at all. Your dps is is on par as other dps class do. I think the reason why devs not doing anyhting is because your 55 level buff skill will raise warrior dps to the roof top.
  6. The problem with exe is that they have a good dps on par with mystic and ranger but they have to position themselves on boss mechanics and thats the reason their dps goes down. If u buff more their dps what do u think will happen when exe goes pvp? They will own everyone right... they have cc stun lock and chains for their foe and they will easily kill anyone. This is also true in group pvp they will be killing everyone if u buff more their damage. Ranger needed that boost as they dont have much survibility, they have their roll bubble that last 3 sec, you may say they are mobile but that sht doenst help if your fighting warriors, they will not let u go away. Mystic has great dps to compensate their squishiness. Idont know why everyone is saying warriors are at the bottom of dps chart. Try to get a equally geared other classes and compare dps on dummy. Im telling you warriors are on par with other classes interms of dps.
  7. This obviously is a crying baby that just beg for dps buff. Fang was never intended to be pve dude and you want thier L set to be pve? Look at the other classed pvp path, they are set towards pvp. Might as well make all classes path a pve and Lset pve as well. Dumb fk!
  8. People have been discussing about Magellanas to much power it can do but as usual nothing happens. Magellanas path is good at everything while the other classes have to use different path to fulfill their necessity either it pvp or pve.
  9. Not trying to insult here...but what is your device your playing on? i dont have any issues playing on iPhone 6s and ofcourse if you have a older device then dont wonder why your game is slow.
  10. Please look at the stat table parry counteracts accuracy NOT rating. Even if u have 200% hit rating but 0 accuracy u will get parried a lot.
  11. Its not broken! Theres no people queuing.
  12. Coz you are a bunch p2w! How much have you spent so far?
  13. I agree seen people on solo queue that form groups once inside the map. Looks like they are all guildies or friends that forms alliance inside the map. Good suggestion on taking off names and replaced it with pseudo names or nothing.
  14. This is not gonna happen! Why? Its gonna break netease business model.
  15. Is there a way you can review mystics magellanas capability in pvp. They are too powerfull as they have burst damage plus shield plus self sustain healing. It really is impossible to defend your self in faction if running solo doing quests. This is also unfair to other class running full pve path and low level pvp subpath. Magellana is a pve path but its also the best pvp path for mystics. Im seeing a lot of complaints about magellanas but i havent seen any remedial action from netease.