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  1. @Ocho what the fck is going on? Whrs events?
  2. some times its 6 gems for 5star, one time its was 80! gems. But on the average its 20-25 with ingots, draw a conclusion by 40+ 5stars items which i have
  3. @Ocho, Decide to finally make version 2.0 with all the updates from the Chinese version. New servers, new audience, new money. Eternal arena 2?)
  4. Yeah.. and BB only for 24/7 full nolifers. You want to see nolifers? Look to top BB on friday))
  5. Ask me why do I need more gems? If all my items already 5 stars? -For future! if the future will be in this game) for ascended gems, craft 5 myth gems to 1 ascended. How its work in china version long time.. Math) i have 240 myth gems now... its 48 ascended gems or just TWO ascended items 5 stars.. But its just possible future.. or if this game havnt future, why we all still here and talking about nothing?) Find another game with regular updates and more balance
  6. Ok, gems.. again math...) 20-25gems needs for one 5star item. let it be 20.. 4 sets items... 4x6x20=480 gems or 480days . that's better?)
  7. Little bit of math.. How many myth jewels needs for one player? 4 sets of items - minimal(for example i have 7).. 4x6=24myth jewels But we need jewels with certain characteristics... then it is not 24 but at least 48, or even more. 48x3=144 myth shards of jewels or 144 days! for ONE player! now imagine that all the players still agreed to receive in turn these jewels.. (that I consider delusional, no one is not obliged to anyone.) OK=) where do you rank in the ranking mh? 10th place or 20? are u ready to waiting 1440 or 2880 days for your turn? =) Yes? then with you something is not okay) but in general I believe that no one owes you anything. Its game problem what we have only one shard in one day for only one player) P.S. and yes im top mh player)
  8. Bane? Srsly? Prosto idite nahui.
  9. New heroes, new storys or just make legendary difficulty for old storys, new tournaments, more pvp maps for 5vs5. New monsters, new levels up to 100, and next items grade. Its not hard to do..
  10. Rurik was 3 times already.. its not funny guys.. we want something new. Does it so hard just copy paste updates from oficial china version?
  11. Good news. Thanks.
  12. Fck this COL! We want updates for Arena!
  13. @RedPanda Why is the administration of the game silent? Will there be updates and game development? Or are you planning to close it as unprofitable in the near future? Should players hope for the best and wait for the expansion of the game content?
  14. Does it mean one monster 81-90lvl with one prize place for all players?