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  1. Hello! i am experiencing to much lag in the game, Since you starts the season 1 maintenance last February, There are lots of changes, the server ASIA is more worst than before. I dont know why You change it. For me the last time was better than now. My main problem is the LAGGY IN THE GAME. I always check my connection first before start and play the game and it is fine but if the game was already started to drop characters, they will start to lag, usually in the parachute was very slow going to the ground. i tried to run many times but still backtrack again in the same place. I tried to Un-install then install again then repair it many times but still the same thing. My friends also the same thing experience problem so please help me and Do something to this kind of porblem! Anyway my location is in United Arab Emirates but my server is ASIA. i will wait for your early reply! Thank you!