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  1. I main forest for quite some time now and so far this has been my experience: I always start with moonlight mainly for the buff but it's also good for the aoe, then crows, razor wind once, rallying cry and finish with biting rain. If you get the buff from the class talent, you can do 4 (at least 3, depending on runes) empowered blessed arrows. Forget relentless and razor wind, because when you finished your 4th shot, you can do crows->rallying cry->biting rain again. Ofc use moonlight when you can. I've been focusing only on this rotation and i can do at least 5k more damage then before when i didn't actually realize how op this is. If you don't get the buff, just fill with razor and relentless until cooldowns are off. If I get the other buff, star cloak from biting rain and there is a group of mobs, i always use relentless since the aoe is much more helpful. With this method i can outdamage most of the scouts with similar stats, meanwhile providing an uderrated buff for the whole team My gs is 53k, lvl 70 path. If you have legends, try to reforge for blessed arrows. Don't focus on razor since you will use tempest shot in pvp anyway. Hope this short guide helps, feel free to ask