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  1. There‘s an announcement before it starts. Your fault.
  2. The daily limits suck, it's like the developers tell you 3 hours playing is enough for them and they don't even want you to play more.
  3. You can also buy the mount with 160 Shadow crystals. After a month of playing i had 11 of them but I decided to spend them on these chests (they cost 3 crystals each) to get gold/good items. It surely takes time but you don‘t have to spend money to get the mount.
  4. Will you add vanitys or flying mounts in the future? I would really like to see this in CoL!
  5. You quit the game because the font changed?
  6. Autoplay is a great feature for daily quests umd easy dungeons, but i think it should be disabled in more important places like pvp or raids.
  7. Yea of course
  8. The censoring in the ingame chat is really bad: Words like for example dismantle can‘t be sent. Will you fix this in the future?
  9. I would like to see a guide about gold farming
  10. The chance of getting a legendary by crafting lv 30 blueprints is about 3%. You crafted 5 that‘s 15% chance of getting a legendary but you need to craft about 33 (99%) to get one. If you could get a legendary by forging 5 blueprints everyone would have one, but legendarys are extremely rare (like the name already says). Of course it sucks that you lost all your gold, but honestly it‘s your fault since you spent the gold on different things instead of for example crafting more lv 30 weapons with blueprints.
  11. This forum is still new and I‘m sure the admins will do somethimg against these annoying bots soon
  12. When it‘s weekend and I‘ve got time to play CoL without auto walk, I‘m usually doing raids with random players or my guild, but after playing a few hours i can‘t get rewards from raids anymore. I think this should prevent overfarming because of the auto walk feature but in my opinion this would be unnecessary if you disabled the bot feature for raids. For quests like daily events the bot feature is awesome, but for raids it should be disabled