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  1. @TobeRobert, lets not lie to the noobs. @Ocho and @RedPanda regularly post on COL forum. They have not left at all. They busy enjoying COL to care about us.
  2. Yes, walk away!!
  3. Goshu, we used to have a bigger chat before this one. We had 1000+ chats daily. But people lost hope after 1 year. So the frustration is not just now, we have been begging each new GM before Ocho to fix the game, to no avail. So forgive your fellow players who have a different view than you.
  4. The truth is he is stalling for time. Nothing really will come. We gonna only get rehashed events. If you dream of the Ryoko like me, then you will dream forever. The devs have moved on. Time to face the facts.
  5. Lets rage quit lol
  6. Good work
  7. Who uses Igvar anyway
  8. Nice to see you Ocho. Long time long seen
  9. Haven't seen Reinhart being used in Duel since level 1 bug was introduced. Is he useless now in the age of Level 1 Tanks?
  10. Maybe if we revive this game on our own and steal players from COL, Netease will take head and give us events, what do you guys think?
  11. Hope @Ocho and @RedPanda answers and take us out of our misery.
  12. Hope we get an update or response soon
  13. Pls help. I cant access nosgard eu server on my main account. I get the above message. Am using FB account. Funny thing i can switch FB account and connect to my alt account.
  14. @Maven what is your duel level ( Gold or Platinum) cause all I see is either Anya or Tai?
  15. Seems no one considers Fang anymore. I went Fang and am never asked to raids again. So sad.