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  1. Are the developers or forum mods actually reading this post here? Or we are just posting for ourselves? edited: ok so there was a post last February by a moderator, so yeah i hope they see this.
  2. Conjurer’s buff and Forest guide rework. Elemental Matrix should affect rangers as well, just like Moonlight’s buff affecting elems, mystic and other rangers on squad. Its already bad enough that elems can deal more damage, have an insane amount of shield and are very mobile (their mobility skill is insanely OP) compare to rangers. Plus, i dont understand why the buffs should only affect certain classes. It should apply to the whole team depending on their class. Like STR for warriors and paladin, INT for mystics and ele, AGI for rangers. This would open up new variety in team/squad compositions and bring about a sense of balance in game.
  3. Both equally impt, but as of current meta, in my server anyway. Mining will yield a little more gold compare to plant gathering.
  4. Regarding that few to none FG on your servers raid. I suggest that you be the one FG because you will increase your team/squad dps a lot.
  5. Im not a veteran player, but in my experience comparing scout and fg with mid tier stats (40-45k gs, 30-35% crit) FG will pull ahead a little bit. Plus, they buff mystics, elementalist and other rangers on squad/team and they are more fun to use since you actually have to pay attention on your skill cd and rotation. You will know what i mean when you try both. BTW, if you should ask at Lvl 69 path FG, moonlight will increase your Agility by 103% and buff teams main stat by 51%. Although scout can increase crit of relentless and blessed arrow plus their own crit damage but will not provide buff for other teamates. If youre good at doing math, you can make your own side by side comparison between FG and scout.
  6. This makes a lot of sense. Plus, im within that low/middle level players. So, hopefully, leg essence price will be brought down.
  7. I need help from ranger players out there. Is it worth upgrading the runes for roll. The right rune says something about shield and the left one increases speed post roll. Does upgrading the right rune increases the shield it gives after you roll? Seems to me that the description is not well thought of, does not exactly mention what it does when you upgrade the rune. Thanks in advance
  8. Any news on this? Will it be a yes or a hard no? @RedPanda @TinyDragon @Ocho A closure to this topic would be nice.
  9. No to adding new class. This would just create more imbalance. Just add a class swap feature, maybe add a very long cooldown on swapping to avoid being abused.
  10. so now people can take advantage of it.
  11. Youre just unlucky like me. Few of my guildmates crafted legendaries after 20 - 30x BP. I have done way more than them but crafted 0 legendary. Now im buying leaves and legendaries from shop. Its fine by me in a way, because seeing that it costs a lot of materials to uprade/re-roll stats of legenadaries makes me think that if i have 3 or more legendaries right now, i wont have enough regalia stones, cast irons etc. to make them par with my mystica dropped gears. Its just my way of thinking though, because im cursed by RNG not to get anything good without grinding a lot of gold.
  12. Yes and when will this be implemented?
  13. any solution on this? Same thing happening to me