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  1. Reading this nonsense giving me headache. All I can see in your posts is:"I've spend so much money,I should eventually win right".No1 forced you to pay2win.
  2. All that comment here are pve freaks that only can think of raids and how another healer would benefit teir team.You say no1 play Shepard mystic, everyone play dps mystic,you know why?Because healing is fk boring role to play.Then how do you think people will be excited about healer paladin if they don't play healer mystic.Then why would you ask for dps paladin using freaking hammer.Why not daggers,scythhes,blades...and so on Why not a demon hunter like class?
  3. I don't even know what candy crush is. I meant make it great MMO (Rpg just too long to spell) like Tera for example. Tera online was best mmorpg I've ever played.It was not pay 2 win like most games
  4. @XpForever In one post I saw that you feel sad for f2p scouts because we don't have our own gear.Now that we are able to get nice gear and be in par with pay2win players in dmg or close at least you feel down a little bit because you are not supreme with your "how many they were?9 pieces of legend?"Legend ia not even that hard to get, I got in 7th weapon blue print. Legend is op enough being able to reroll everything, active skills and what not.Now putting d2,d3 sets would make it broken.By your posts it seem to me that you wanna be broken. Mystic is always option,you know
  5. I dont have even 1 part of Blood thirst unfortunately.What else should i focus on in order to increase my dps.(have 8 epic atk gems)
  6. @Arok Thanks alot for the response Sir,i have rotation armor now gonna reroll legend weapon set to rotation also and try to obtain d2 ghorgana set
  7. @XpForever What's the best D 0 set for legend weapon scout?Currently have fated foe that gives bonus dmg to third auto attack.
  8. Plus most players including myself have already dismantle the gear don't use for essences so i dont see how this is gonna help a thing. We require global change,new farming system.
  9. You don't see the obvious I am throwing suggestion even made a post,go check it out.There must be dungeon with unlimited time of clears which will provide you gold like in most decent mmorpg games.
  10. Please create a dungeon that can be solo cleared or in party, bosses of which drop decent amount of gold or mats that can be exchanged for gold and be unlimited time of clears. Ive played so many mmorpg games on my pc and to be honest gathering skill being the main source of making gold is not serious. Flax cloth price is extremely low now in 2 weeks it's gonna be 10g each and how do we earn gold then? Please find a way to farm gold so we can reforge our gear. New class suggestion: I've heard it in forums and in Facebook posts that new class gonna be paladin? From my experience paladin has stuns,shields and heal.All that the existing classes can offer. What this game needs is melee assassin, that can use daggers or dual scythhes, and skill paths.Be dps(high attack speed),Be burst dmg or locker alot of crowd controll and maybe stealth. I guarantee you this is exciting.The idea for paladin however is not.No one is gonna play your paladin,trust me.
  11. Come on guys, be realistic, they can't return your magic stones,what should they do is making new ways to farm gold,like solo dungeon farming or party farming, so we can buy stones and reforge gear. They go for 1k gold each and unlimited amount. Just get the damn gold for it. @Celtic Nothing worth having comes easy
  12. Forest eu server is overcrowded. You did solve the problem with catching up in terms of experience for newcomers,however.... These new lv 45 have no gear score or hp for that matter.Its pathetic seeing a lv 45 getting boddied (1 shot) by goblin camp boss. Now to the point. Everyone knows the source of making gold is mats earn by the life skill.Well on every plant spot there are 2 - 3 players,they even shyt talkin eachother to gtfo and not steal their grass.Flax cloth price decreased from 400-500 gold for piece to the extreme low 100-150g over one night.Now that's a problem. Think of making new ways to farm gold we can't reforge our gear. Thanks for your time!
  13. I would like to ask the scout experts what they think of starblade volley changes. Is it viable now,does it worth Lvling the other half of the scout skills or not.And if it's viable now how the rotation would look like,thanks in advance!
  14. Mystic lv 42 just did 4.4k dps to boss,having same weapon and worse runes than me (lv 15) mine lv 20.overdpsed me with 1.1k, gg Uninstalled.
  15. I am f2p scout and I feel screwed brah,though I would never reroll,because archer is my main in every game.