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  1. No apology needed mate. Wow. That is a mad effort however, props to running the simulation I would never have done that level of testing.
  2. Thank god, someone who understands math.
  3. Stopped reading after "random has no average". Case closed, I'm out of here.
  4. If you accept that the premise is people asking: On average, will it increase my damage, then the answer is always going to be "Yes, it does." If your premise is actually people asking: "Will I see higher damage in all fights." Then the answer is no. But this logic is kind of flawed. Think of it this way. I can increase my crit by 10% and also say - RNG is RNG, with 10% crit you may do less damage. But people are not looking for that answer - they want to know if it is a DPS improvement over the previous setup. What I posted above is not opinion, nor is it MY opinion. It's just math. If you disagree with what I posted, don't tell me you disagree with my opinion. You're disagreeing with math.
  5. More info: Are you English-speaking, from SEA/Japan, a committed nice guy/girl with a MMO history or a great learning attitude? We're a helpful guild with multiple 40 man events and raids DAILY. Say goodbye to your GH woes and pop in for medal farming groups that plow through Heroics. We're currently top guild on the (admittedly sleepy) server in PvE and PvP aspects, having a 100% winrate in all GBs and scoring almost 100% of the First Bloods. Join us for an English-speaking, friendly, full of crap experience where helpful advice, lewd comments and groups of focused players push to their next personal objectives in game. Discord Karaoke has happened before and I'm not sure how... PM Blackie or myself (Primaeva) for direct application. Requirements are on our guild message! Warning: Extreme dislike for braggarts and power-hungry types, stay away ye nasty people, we will find you and make you join the mean guilds. Disclaimer: Our website is obviously still in development stages (it's 2 hours old) but stay tuned. And come on, which other guild has a freakin' website.
  6. If you were a business looking to increase profits which one would you do?
  7. Damage range example: 900-1000 -20% of 900 is - 180 +25% of 1000 is +250 Distribution curve has shifted by +70. 70/950 =7.3% damage increase. Math! P.S. That was the ideal. In reality since it scales of base damage the values are much lower. Still, it is a definite increase and anyone who says otherwise is using anecdotal evidence which has no place in a forum. Case closed. Edit: also RNG evens out. Even if your fight results swing, over time the summation of all the results will show an increase. There is no point saying "It's all RNG" as in general people are discussing averages, not cherry picking results. For this reason, RNG is considered equal as it is not a weighted number generator.
  8. Humm, "way more often" seems a little unscientific. It will hit the new high and a new loe equally. It will be a boost on average as the set shifts the distribution curve to the right.
  9. Would you mind sharing figures for Armarillion vs Ghast? Number of hits x number of ticks?
  10. I believe it's their way of throttling progress to keep the population concentrated at roughly the same power levels (although path level is probably 15% of that power). This throttling applies in many areas of the game. For example, you cannot buy or sell more than certain amount of materials per day, and items have a price floor or ceiling. The point of having all these switches is to make sure there is some form of bunching up in the middle so that the high-end players can only mark progress through purchases. It's a brilliant model that's sruckering most people right now, although it will collapse once the top end of players ceases to play the game and fund the servers.
  11. Server maint for 2 hours from 3AM GMT (it's 3.22am GMT as of this post) to 5AM GMT.
  12. Do note that Two Minds works off some BASE value, not the total attack granted from gear. In most cases it grants about +100 or more high-end instead of the +250 and up most people were expecting. It's still a DPS boost, but it's not really to die for.
  13. 1) Crafting using blueprints may seem risky, but per gold it has higher yields. Consider the fact that you generate tons of runes from crafting, and can use altruism medals to soften the cost. Certain D0 sets are very desirable as well (Blood Thirst, Fated Foe). The exception would be if you have a 3pc effect that GREATLY buffs your class core DPS skill (Suppression for Mag for e.g.). 2) No idea. 3) Bosses have a chance to deal you a crushing blow for double damage. Crush resistance directly counteracts that chance.
  14. Can warriors confirm these changes?
  15. Exactly, I can't wait to keep dying to random invisble Magic Energy Cutting in return for 1 courage medal and two greens!