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  1. It's a mobile f2p p2w game. You want a good community, go to a PC game with only cosmetics. Some day you will learn this truth (especially as PCs die out).
  2. Super cool! What about rune upgrades, are those taken to 40 too?
  3. 24 Legends in 1000 BPs (using "Epic Tunic" to track). After that I lost count but I'm pretty sure I'm at 32 now at about 1400 BPs. The rate is probably 2.5% with my sample size.
  4. Any pictorial evidence? O_O
  5. Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2F173/O Hello, thread's been removed. I understand you may not want us to discuss which game we're going to play next after a month's worth of debacles, but really- PEOPLE WHO LOST NOTHING ARE RICH RN, PEOPLE WHO LOST SOMETHING MAY HAVE NOTHING. Even if ALL the rewards were justly given, you just trainwrecked server progression and removed the thrill of even playing an MMO.
  6. @RedPanda I usually don't flag but this seems like a recurring question these days. Do spell ranks officially affect damage or output for every skill? Would be massively weird if shield had a much stronger coefficient than any other skill in the game.
  7. Ending my 1 week bad luck spell - Voyage Compass off 12 luck. ... and I got those tickets from someone who posted crystals at 100 (srvr average is 210).
  8. ... also the most fun. If you have any neasure of skill, fun from being DPS falls off hard late game. Heals is the most engaging function in raids AND PvP, has been in every game. WRT topic, skill cap comes when decision making is available, and decision making comes from options. Mystics have the most options, especially if they take it upon themselves to help teammates survive. Of course this is linked to how OP a class is. If you play 100% but only have so many options, your max impact is more one dimensional than someone who plays 90% but has many options.
  9. Okay, I'm not usually the one giving NetEase ANY credit (if you know me I'm pretty sour about bugs and balance) but I have to be fair. Thanks for fixing (most of?) the issued FB Gameroom had with typing! Haven't had to deal with that crap for over 3 days now and boy it feels good. No more accidental pulls and wasted 20k pots. Thought we should point out what goes right and not just what goes wrong.
  10. Can confirm bug 2. Vice guild leader and Elders have no options as well.
  11. Okay does the feedback here flow back to any central decision making team, because so far you have been careful to say that we will KNOW of decisions, not get to AFFECT them.
  12. Make Mag AA heal cost resources / mana. Make it heal at a coefficient of Shepherd. Make it a WAY shorter range. So many tools to bring it in line, so many advantages, people blind to seeing that you can't stick a manaless spell on a DPS spec that scales with his offense and spell crit - probably play a mystic. For reference, I outlasted the mana bar of a 42k Scout as a path 37 Shepherd in a duel. It is impossible to lose if you have PvP experience. All thse mystics complaining about stun have no idea how to juggle their CCs. Did you know that Dread Blast and Dreadfall interrupt Relentless and Razor Wind? Jesus Christ learn to play.
  13. No apology needed mate. Wow. That is a mad effort however, props to running the simulation I would never have done that level of testing.