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  1. If this true, I applaud Netease for finally smacking down a cheater.
  2. I have purchased several Golden Goblin offers with my alt but never go above a .99 deal.
  3. Hahaha, the bad word filter works on their forums but not in their game!!!!
  4. I think what the OP is trying to say is that they also purchased lucky tickets, as did I, and although we FULLY understand that its random to win the big prize, but why make the majority of items junk? The Windchaser Reins are probably, no wait, they are, the most useless prize in lucky draw to date. Other than that large and very ugly mount, Gouger, Windchaser Reins are only needed to attain three other mounts that also require other pieces. So yea, if your gonna entice your player base to spend their crystals on the lukcy draw, why flood their rewards with the most useless garbage the game has to offer?
  5. On forged jewelery/accessory items, I think its restricted to D0
  6. Why would someone have 15 alts in a 40 man raid when you only need your two daily lucky draw tickets?
  7. I agree 100% with you. I also think Netease is lying their asses off saying deals are random, becuase they are not.
  8. I will admit I have spent my fair share of hard earned cash on my toons. Whats a real kicker is how Netease must use an algorithm to track players spending and thats how we get the pop up goblin merchants with offers. On one of my toons Ive spent a pretty penny, mostly on crystals that I use to sell for gold and the pop up goblin merchants I get are for items 19.99 and up. On my other “filler toons”, classes Ive tried and didnt care for, but will log them in to use to fill Trials groups, the pop up goblin merchants they get are all .99 to 9.99 and an occasiional 19.99. Now heres the kicker, the toons that I spend ZERO money on get “GOLDEN GOBLIN” offers! 10 Lucky Draws for .99, or 5 lucky draws and 10,000 gold for .99. They also get Golden Goblin offers two to three times a day, yet my toon that Ive been way more generous with spending, never gets these kinds of offers. So what gives, Netease? Why troll us only with high dollar offers because weve spent money before but shaft us on other great deals that we would be intrested in getting? Is this just a bait and hook for people who dont spend as much? @Ocho and @TinyDragon can you at least explain why people who have helped pad the coiffers at Netease with money get shafted on additional offers that arent such an impact on the wallet? My main toon has to pay 432 crystals for 10 Lucky Draw tickets in the item shop and these are at a reduced price. The cost to cover 432 crystals in the top up offer is 49.99 and you get 574 crystals. My alt pays .99 for 10 Lucky Draw tickets with the Golden Goblin offer. I might have been born in the day, but it wasnt yesterday.
  9. I just checked Elementalist exquisites on my server (Laverlan Lake UTC 3) and there arent any Dream Hoods listed, however, tunics, shoulders, legs, boots and vambraces are all listed and only one (Tunic @ 695) are over 500K. Most are in the range of 415 to 495 range. Two sashes were on there this morning, both at 330K but Ive actually seen them cheaper. Jewelery is a different story, most prices range from about 650 to 1.5M but Im not sure if they sell that high.
  10. Thats crazy, because on our Laverlan Lake its nothing like that.
  11. Im sick of the drive-by friend requests that are then followed by the barrage of group and help requests. There is a fix to it though, return the friend request and then unfriend them. Its a temporary solution but it helps.
  12. Just like they DONT DO ANYTHING about players names, either. Like the OP, I play on Laverlan Lake and have to see that annoying “Flappy****” running around, STILL. Whats even worse is that the nimwit has cartoon drawings of dix on his frends page. Strangely, the bad word filter works on this stupid forum (notice the stars replacing the word in the above players name) but not in the naming filter of their product.
  13. Crusaders of Light News And Announcements
  14. Just got a message from CoL that “due to the Facebook Cambridge Analytical Data scandal, some accounts are having issues logging in”. They recommend you visit the forums to get the steps needed to work around the issue. Hope that helps
  15. A lot of people on Laverlan Lake, me included, are having trouble using skills. Some skills wont work at all during an encounter, players in Lord groups not being able to zone into the instance and other weird bugs going on right now.