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  1. I quit playing Crusaders of Light, its uninstalled and this is my visit back in about two weeks, however, Im here for a different reason. I logged into my router and cleared the logs, reset the router, turned all my connected device off and then back on. I checked the logs to ensure my DHCP assigned the IP addresses to the devices and for some reason my new logs show activity to Netease thru my IP. WTF, right? So this time I went to each device, cleared its website activity, made sure all pages were closed and repeated the exact same steps and sure enough, activity to Netease showed up again without me opening a webpage on any device. Every IP assignment to its corresponding MAC (Media Access Control) address all showed the DHCP assigning the host numbers and the only activity that showed was to Netease from my iPad. So I purposely visited other websites and checked it against the tables and everything was correct, Google, ESPN and Facebook all appeared on the logs and at the precise time it connected. Frustrated, I shut everything off, did the EXACT same thing clearing all cache, turned it all back on, checked the logs and BAM, Netease is showing connection activity. For those who know how to conduct an inspection of your routers MAC logs, can you give this a try and reply if its happeninb to you as well? I just cannot figure why my router logs keep showing activity to Netease after each restart.
  2. After the whole debacle of being suspended for six hours for speedhacking (I play on an iPhone and for anyone who doesnt know, you cant download anything to an iPhone unless it comes from the app store) , and the horrible way Netease handled it, Ive had enough. I will admit, I was one of the most arduent complainers of speedhackers on this forum and in game I reported people left and right for many violations, most of them go unchanged. Besides the speedhackers, Ive submitted complaints the many name violations as well. Character names with sexual, crude or racist tones are never, EVER dealt with. The absolute worst part of this game can be blamed on myself, and that is the Pay to Win. I have spent over $5,000 into this game, (Yep, Ive got the mounts to prove it), in an effort to continue to stay competitive. Sure, its “possible” to play the game without a cent, but most will probably get bored or quit before they reach end game. I just cannot justify anymore money into this game and be unjustly punished for something I did not do. Since Ive put the game down, in hindsight I have reflected on all I have spent and how many other things I could have used that money on. * Used car * New diamond wedding band for my girl * A vacation to Hawaii or Europe * A cruise * A super geared gaming PC or laptop I deserve any criticism that gets thrown my way, I have no excuse, but Im done with it. Dont be like me, there will come a time when you stop playing and you will have the same regrets Im having when you look back at how reckless it was to spend money on a game. A stupid ****ing game.
  3. @Ocho no need to send private, let the community see the fine work of “customer service” and tell me “don’t use cheating” when they cannot provide proof. I’m guilty without the benefit of the doubt. So my reputation gets tainted, horrible customer service, broken and buggy game and this is ok? Hi, Crusader. Thank you for contacting. Please help us keep the good environment of the game and don't use the cheating any more, because we had improved the anti-hacker system and it will check out the cheating and banned the Crusaders automatically. If you don't use the cheating, we will check our system and improve it. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your kind understanding and hope you can enjoy the game!
  4. This is compete and utter BULL****! Its just lip service, a way to pass the buck. Want to see the reply I got from customer service, @Ocho? Your pos detection system is EFFIN BROKEN like EVERTHING else in this game!!!! Next time you all get together and talk about revenue, you should check how many effin reports I submitted on speed hackers, the fact I play on a G-DAMN IPHONE, and how you suspended me for SIX EFFIN HOURS FOR EFFIN SPEEDHACKING THAT I DIDNT DO, and how Im taking my money to another game. Go check, Ive dropped THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS since January on this broken pos and you dont give me the benefit of the doubt. **** NETEASE!
  5. They aint gonna show any proof because they aint nothing but a pos money grabbing bull**** run company. Give REAL hackers a 30 minute suspension and then F@&# REAL HONEST PLAYERS WITH THIS SIX HOUR MOTHER EFFIN NON PROOF BULL****! F&#$ YOU, IM TAKING MY TIME AND CASH TO BLESS ONLINE! Ive dropped OVER $3,000 US dollars since January and these pieces of excrement suspend me foe NO GOD DAMN REASON! Hey @Ocho and @TinyDragon try adding a hack program to a GOD DAMN IPHONE U MORONS!!!!!
  6. ARiESWAR, Shemaa, Malvarage, still using hacks, still playing and I have been VERY VOCAL about the latest Shemaa hack in the raid. I play on a God Damned iPhone, you cant add anything to it unless its from the app store and these effin yoyos suspended me for six hours (5 hours and 30 minutes longer than ARiESWAR) and Ive done NOTHING! I want some effin proof, you show me that I hacked, show the whole effin community, I dont care because you have NOTHING but some BS tracker that dont effin work! F**K this POS game and its money grabbing buggy azz BS! EVERYTHING you do is effin broken, damn two bit wanna be developers. Cant believe the BS that spews out of your rot filled mouths!
  7. I got a SIX HOUR lockout and I play on an iphone, you CANNOT speed hack on an iphone!!!!
  8. If anyone has read my posts, I am one of the most vocal players against hacking. I criticized @Ocho for the ridiculous 30 minute suspension that ARiESWAR got for speed hacking. I also play on an iPhone, there isnt a third party program you can download on an iPhone to even hack with and now this..... ”Your account has been locked for six hours due to suspiscion of speed hacking” ITS A FU******* IPHONE!!!!!!! You wont punish known speed hackers for 30 G-Damn minutes, and I cant even speedhack if I effin wanted to and I got a SIX HOUR LOCKOUT!!!!!!
  9. Harshx, I think its great you take the time to create these videos of sucessful raids, but listening to music while watching the encounter rather than explaining whats happening isnt beneficial to me. Its hard to discern the make up of your raid, the events that happen during the encounter, for example, Todts spin block, pulriks laser, Sams sever sword and when to swap tanks, did you push thru a step, the strategies of when to heal, who to heal, chains or no chains, etc etc. Please dont take this as a mean criticism, your clearly doing a great job, but there are so many videos with music playing and no explanation of what to do.
  10. That doesnt work anymore. When you begin the encounter, your auto attack shuts off so you never attack the elite. Now if someone comes along and sees the encounter has been started and joins in and kills him, you will get credit. However I believe your advice is still good, if youre going to bed, leaving your toon there in auto attack in hopes of getting the encounter started is the best bet. Plus you still get credit for the wind elementals that you kill and get achievements!
  11. Continue working on your star the best you can, it gets pretty expensive the higher it levels, but in time your star could be the one that the party leader chooses to share with others. Also, if you start a party, you can choose which party members star you wish to share. From the create team screen, tap on the player and select “Set Star Core” and you will see stats go up or down depending on how strong their star is. Additionally, when you click on the star circle tab, there is a small green magnifyjng lens that explains the star circle system. Click on cultivate after that and click on that green magnifying glass and it gives you the restraints of the star circles. I know it seems like a large dump of information, but follow those steps I listed to better understand how it works so you can improve your star and how a party benefits from sharing. Good luck, mate!
  12. Nice write up KrabKakes, thanks. I do have a few questions about sets and bonuses that Id like to get your feedback on. For Conjuror, what sets would you run? The exquisite L set seems decent in theory, but does it provide the added dps to warrant keeping it? 3 piece L provides 10% increase in casting speed for self 4 piece L provides 30% duration to Conjuring Force Now, if you dont use the L set, what would you recommend? (Beacon, Spinning Carapace, Fire Bomb, Bloodthirst, Armallarion, Arcane Crystal, Dragon Breath, Etc) Finally, for legend bonus, would getting Ice Bolt, Glacial, or Fire Breathing be the bonus to roll for?
  13. Mystica is the best starting point for improving equipment. Not often, but more than one would think, some gear from Mystica is actually better than some players legendary pieces that havent been upgraded. The biggest advantage to Mystica is the ability to get accessory and jewelry pieces with D1 bonues on them. In Brutal 1 and above, you start receiving Compasses. My advice is to save them until you get enough to purchase the Agility Star Circle (costs 15 compasses). Select a level that is challenging, but doable, or get higher level friends to carry you through. On my server, there are plenty of times in a week when higher level players will run a raid and take anyone with them because they just want to clear the content for bloods, fire spirits and flowers. Almost every Thursday night when Sky heroic resets, it will be run and the endgame players will shout out in team chat for players to join. Dont be afraid to respond even if your undergeared, the worst that can happen is that they kick you out, but you might get lucky and get into one of the “anyone can come” raids and dont bid on bloods, fire spirits and flowers!
  14. Most dps players will have bloodthirst as one of their set bonuses but prefer that bonus to be on jewelry rather than armors. Id keep it until you start receving other sets that would be more beneficial and hopefully get other bloodthirst set pieces on accessory or jewelry.
  15. I dont play a Paladin Templar but heard in our discord chat the exact same thing you just quoted, the 4 piece L set for Templar isnt needed if you have Noct and at most all you need is two pieces to get the 2+ skills upgrade but that can be left off to add more dps sets. Again, Im not a paly, but it seems thats the advice being tossed around regarding the Templar L set.