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  1. so i have been playing for a bit since the game was released and i can say that the limitation to the drops from boss's in dungeons is not that great.... not really sure about the numbers but i think if you do 5 times a instance that has 2 boss's, 5 runs x 2 boss's = 10 drops chances to get loot. after that you run a whole instance for no loot. dont think there should be a limition to the drops, its like saying "hey you did 5 runs of the instance already, its time you stop playing....." but thats just my opinion of the matter cumps o/
  2. so can someone figure it out if there is a way to play with a gamepad? i have a Gamesir G3s and would be a lot more fun to play with it! or if @Ocho could find out if they are planning on adding gampad support? cumps
  3. hello, thanks for bringing the game to us "english" players. will there be a server wipe on the current server? if it will how will we get the rewards we get from now until then if we change decide to change servers? keep up the good work