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  1. By everyone getting a nice piece of the pie you mean just players in those three guild?
  2. Has the cheating been fixed?
  3. Out of all those what is their damage output? Listing pff their character rating doesnt give a good side by side comparison.
  4. Rules arent enforced
  5. They know about the player, but they will not and cannot do anything about it.
  6. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nZVc_tlYcPOzzRvuh7Mf5KcF1OaV5RDb/view?usp=drivesdk
  7. Interesting that this person got permenantly banned when customer service sent me this message regarding a player that I gave them and Tiny Dragon a video of a month ago who was speed hacking yet nothing has been done in response. Hi, Crusader. Thank for contacting us. We are checking up all materials you provided. And we don't have a permanent ban function for now. Please don't be worried about that. Once we found that they are affect the game balance or the game environment, we will take some serious measures with them. Hope you can enjoy the game! So how are people being permanetly banned agian?
  8. . Where were they speedhacking at in the video?
  9. Click tinydragon's spyro picture to go to their profile and send it in a message.
  10. No real reason to pvp anymore, I just collect the crystal, because it gives you all the faction medals that each mission use to to give seperately, then I leave.
  11. Get better gear, roll for attack and crit stats, attack diamonds, also work on parry and dodge. You are not going to out dps range at the same lvl, but you can have good survivablilty and group damage buffs with spikes which helps range. Your goal shouldnt be best dps on a raid, but more of an aid for the group damage and a kind of awkard tank without pulling agro ( unless you are the tank).
  12. If you are able to get a video recording of the incident message it to tiny dragon, in a conversation and submitted a personal message to tiny dragon. On phone download a screen recording app and upload to them that way. Tiny dragon is good about responding to a personal message regarding cheaters.
  13. If you read the previous post about hacking in survival, someone posted a response by netease saying they could not control the players action. So instead of banning them they passed on information to there developement team. Which pretty much is stating they are not going to do anything about it because it would actually require them to work.
  14. They have already stated that they will not do anything about hackers