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  1. they have different tanking purposes of course, but that doesnt mean that they will be more / less valuable Paladin is based in taking smaller amounts of damage and recovering hp from it. Warrior is based on parrying (reducing damage by 40%) and parry effect ( that increases the 40% damage reduction to nearly 60%). Not only that but, from the fortitude skill, warriors can even reduce damage in an extra 40% permanently. If a warrior is well geared, he should have 30k + hp and 80%+ parry. with path skill, you get increased 15% parry , from evading an attack 15% extra. Which leads to my point, warriors are designed to take heavier damage while relying more on healers. Paladins are tanks designed to take more damage but heal up for the amount they lose. This means that a paladin with the same hp and parry as the warrior will be able to take at most 35k-40k damage (while increasing your hp by 5.10k) in a single blow while warriors can tank around 80-90k damage (30k base hp + 11k sigil and reducing damage by 40% from skill, 40-60% (+ path parry effect increase on lava quake) from parry means a solid 55% damage reduction on top of the 40% from the skill. I agree paladins are better in the early game or easy content in which you take moderate amounts of damage but that certainly is not the case for a well geared warrior on late game progressing content So please, tell me more about how a paladin can a warrior's job much better in late game.
  2. In terms of cosmetic i would recommend either not care about it or get a transmog... Why? Because when you are gearing up, you will get both crafted legendaries (cheaper most of the times) and exquisite legendaries( for L set or for accessory slots). This will lead to your character having for example, offhand tunic from crafted set (looking like lvl 30 equipments or lvl 40 if emerged) and get pants and helm from exquisite legendary set( that will different before and after emerging) This is only an example but it shows that necessity in sets will lead to a disruption in your set's looks if you want to look good, either get a full exquisite legendary set (they look nice but will be really expensive) or you get a transmog (most classes, having only crafted legendaries would hurt your dps / heals / tanking as L set can only be rolled in exquisite legendaries) I just dont care enough about cosmetics to do so, but you can also try getting the main pieces (helmet, tunic, pants , offhand and weapon ) from exquisite legendary as they are the most visible equipment. Cheers
  3. @Sout I think the same way, this is an unfair disadvantage for people who got no legendary and still want to compete to have the best elementalists Yet they do not seem to think so and most likely this mistake of "someone messing up" will just be disregarded, do not expect them to run any kind of compensation/ reroll on those players' equipments. Sadly, this will be one of those cases in which they realize something happens but do not care to take an action regarding it.
  4. So as a reward to Call-to Arms event, players who got to level 55 BEFORE the elementalist update would be given a gracious megabox containing a crafted (bound) legendary class restricted. First of all, the whole reward distribution was a mess in terms of the deadlines not being respected and characters getting several boxes of legendaries due to deleting the mail they received them in. I'm not even going to bother talking about those mistakes as we have learned from previous experience that, even though rewards may be given to players NOT EQUALLY and abused through bugs/glitches with no penalties, because that's been the daily complaints to support since the early days of the game. If people haven't been heard while complaining for 6 months +, it's probably not going to start now. My main question is, i saw elementalists getting the gracious megabox gift (i have prints to prove it as well from system messages). SO BOTTOM LINE, How does a character created after the event ends get the reward for that event? Did those people have elementalist available for them to level up to 55 before the general release? Because i seriously doubt so Is it fair for all the other elementalists competing to get stronger? I seriously doubt so as well Has this stupid bug been reverted or has it even been mentioned by the support team? Not that i have seen it as the top 1 elementalist in my server got it (he's the one i have a SS from) From previous contacts to support, i have seen it is utterly useless to contact them (i.e., after i opened a ticket about the last gem bug abuse of ppl getting 500+ shards as compensation, they announced themselves that they were strongly against that bug abusing, removed gems from players and gave a 3 day ban to them. I had completely forgotten about that ticket as my reply was addressed to by the support team, yet i got a reply from support 2 weeks ago saying: "sorry crusader but our compensation was completely fair, no players were overcompensated ") As this joke that they call "receiving community feedback" is, in truth, a deal with it mentality, lets just ask for a reply ON WHY SOME ELEMENTALISTS GOT THE CALL-TO-ARMS REWARD from being at lvl 55 while most of the others didnt. So @Ocho, @TinyDragon (sorry for mentioning you on one of the first days you are there), please explain this to us
  5. you needed to reach level 55 as well the first condition is to have level 55 AND characters that match that and have 20k gear score get 1 light of dawn and an extra one for 30k gear score It was confusing in their event announcement and i made the same mistake, but the truth is we just misread it, it was there from the start cheers
  6. I have also tried this before In my case, i did test it with flaming sigil on warrior. At level 50 you get increased movement speed and normal attack damage. In my case, i did not notice any differences after upgrading the skill above level 50. Even though i found no difference, i still believe that the base is what needs to be level 50 as you get the notice to level 80 as next upgrade effect once you reach lvl 50 base (as you mentioned before). IMO, just like we used to have the skill upgrade effects on lvl 50 without mystica release (being unable to get base upgrade effects to lvl 50), we now have it at level 80. Meaning for now, upgrade effects to a maximum of 55 can be achieved. With this logic, upgrade effects to a maximum of 80 base can only be achieved with a future patch for base skill max level increase ( again, just like we saw on mystica release) All of this is speculation, so keep in mind that having the skills at lvl 80 is not a bad thing in any way, as skill levels from legendaries still scale level up effects.