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  1. this is a new feature. the new update says: "What's new? Better user data protection" they just protect our data so well even we can't access it now
  2. any workaround for this? downgrading isn't a solution so something else i guess
  3. @Amateur they are unbound leaf legendaries, i got that achievement yesterday (for 200 failed crafts) and got lightning rage breeches. @God Like has fooled you PS: and i already sold them
  4. not currently
  5. @Shinichi May i remind you that the gem bug was not a cheat or a 3rd party program but a bug and people who abused it still got a temporary ban? So would it not make sense if that were to happen again? i believe the way @FerrocServer is trying to expose the problem is not the right way, but blaming it on the developers only and saying it's not the player's fault isn't the right way to go at it either. It is true the developers are at fault for the bug, but the players can choose not to do this. Since this problem was exposed, i have seen no one in my guild attempting it and i'm sure several other guilds and players are the same. If you do abuse it, is it not unethical to do so? does it not deserve to be punished? Crying about it is wrong but ignoring a problem or shifting the blame is wrong as well @Shinichi.
  6. @Hellsaint because not many ppl bet on paladins on release. There are plenty more tank warriors than paladins still as most ppl didn't want to bother making a character from scratch, just like me. At least in end game content and in my server
  7. Nope, they will not fix it as there is nothing to fix. and you should stop wasting dragon scales as it is impossible to get D1, no matter how many you spend Since nearly the beginning of the game that all crafted legendaries but the accessory slots (accessory, earring, necklace and bracelet) can only get d0 while all others can get d1. This is done to force you to buy the exquisite legendary accessories if you wish to have a legendary with a useful set.
  8. if you are referring to the last phase in pulrik heroic, you need to lead the small monster that spawns into that circle i think
  9. okay so first of all, legendaries are indeed the best items and that is exactly why they are hard to come by and expensive to buy. You are supposed to do the hardest raids you can with your strength, this game is all about progressing, no matter if it is on the recently updated content or slightly outdated content. The point is for you to slowly grind your way through hard raids (hard compared to your character's strength), getting increasingly better rewards that you can use to upgrade your legendary gear as well as equipment sets. Top players continuously get the best rewards from raids because of hard effort and hours of wiping for a clear most of the times, just like you should do but in the raids accessible to you with your current strength. Regarding tank sets, there aren't that many choices, this game is lacking a lot in that department. Please keep in mind that there are 4 main uses of tank sets at the moment in my opinion: -nocti gives you a 10k heal when you get low hp, i use it as a guarantee that if my shields are on CD and healers cannot heal me, i will still survive for a few more hits thanks to that set. This usually makes me survive by myself until shields / heals are back up. -Badel decreases the damage you take for 1k/s during 6-8 seconds (not sure exactly), i use it as a set that helps healers heal me to full HP when taking massive amounts of injury per second. when you are taking a lot of damage before a massive AOE, you need to be full hp for the AOE in a messy phase for healers to keep everyone(not just you) at full HP for said AOE. This set is really helpful to make the healers need 1k/s less heals. 2piece only, 3 piece is useless at this point -Earth Heart: decreases the amount of damage you take when you parry (parry is a 40% damage reduction ) by 10% (which means you parry for 50% damage reduction). This is a great set that gives you a permanent 10% damage reduction if your parry is high enough. Keep in mind Parry rate and parry effect are different things. Parry rate is the chance to reduce damage by 40%, parry effect is the bonus damage reduction associated to parrying a blow -D5 spinning carapace 3/3: gives you a nice shield + nice dps D1 rock is a must for all tanks, i'm not even going to state it's importance nor that you should, at all times, use it. Now for the though part, the choice of sets... From my experience as a warrior and watching paladins play / use them as alts, paladin tanks are based on increasing their HP, shielding themselves and healing up the damage they take while warriors are based in parry rate increases, parry effect increases and shields / slight hp increases. This means warriors are built to take less damage but have the need of a healer to get their HP back up while paladins are built to take more damage and heal up for that amount. In my opinion, to achieve balance in between your character's needs, current game meta and the stats you need for tanking i would suggest 4L (paladin 4 L is good), 3/3 D0 Earth heart( gives you the parry effect increase warriors have built-in), 2/2 nocti (as a guarantee you will not die if you have skills on CD / healers have skills on CD )and D5 spinning carapace 3/3. Paladins can pass up on Badel as they have enough heals in their skills. On the other hand, warriors should use 2/3 badel, 2/2 nocti and 3/3 spinning carapace. 4L in warrior is useless and should be swapped to something that makes sense. Warriors can also pass up on Earth Heart as they have the parry effect increase in their skills / parry RATE increases that help you parry 100% of the blows. But of course, all of this information is also useful if you have the base stats for it. Main stats for tank are Vitality, Spirit, hp, def and parry. When you are done with lvl 20 diamonds don't go for sparkling diamonds but use your silver wisely and ugrade your stars. stars are the main source of strength of all characters Only 15% crit resist is needed for raids so consider it useless, you can get those 15% by maxing ruler, no need for diamonds or reforges. Cheers
  10. not only the music that is coming back up it is the settings that are set to default on login (boss camera active, 10 skill bar disabled, music on etc etc) @Ocho @TinyDragon Have someone check this out whenever you can as this is kind of annoying (having to change all settings on each login) Cheers
  11. Equipments are good but they do not have the greatest importance in the game. In this game, you can get stronger in 2 ways: passive stats from stars and diamonds that you increase with silver and equipment that you can obtain from gold. By doing higher difficulty raids you can obtain higher grade equipment and much better sets, that is true. But no matter what raids you do, the amount of silver you get compared to a newbie would still be about the same. So don't look at raids as a must but as something you should aim for while they still are hard so you have fun playing and access to the best sets possible taking into consideration your actual strength. Look at your gear as something that slowly gets better and reforged to the statuses you need over time, but only in a small amount. In my opinion, what makes you the strongest is, with no doubt, the amount of silver you get and how wisely you spend it. The main thing to be concerned about are diamonds (getting level 20 diamonds will seriously boost your strength). Once you have full lvl 20 diamonds, time to start focusing on stars. High level stars will give you more statuses than a SS legendary 368 grade and they will do so permanently and on top of your equipment which means you can have mystica gear with 2/3 of the legendary gear strength but, with good stars, multiply this strength by 2/3/4 x.
  12. the dark one title, some achievement you get by killing the red furious light elves that you face in one of the first quests 50 times and awards 10 achivement points . you can find them on the top right enigma dragon spot on aerial island
  13. @DaScribe i think it's not floriana but chastana, on the other side of the fountain
  14. from a previous post and i think it says it all:
  15. Bumping this to state how this worked out . This post was created in march 13th as you can see above. At the same time i opened a ticket in the in-game light elf. Their reply on light elf came after a week or so saying "we will look into it" They said nothing else until yesterday, when they sent me one of those template emails asking me if my issue was resolved and to rate the Customer Support, with no chance of me saying the problem had not been solved or continuing my discussion about the topic, just a small description you could write to justify the rating you would give to their customer service. I am stating this example as it is a great example of customer service (this happened in all 4 tickets i have opened so far). I would describe this as an incredibly SPECIAL customer support for all my problems so far, ignoring tickets and asking if the customer service was appropriate. Would recommend -10/10. Cheers