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  1. I would say 1% ish for crafting as well, I think light of dawns is closer to 1/15
  2. at·trib·ute a·ttri·bute differs by region lol
  3. The vid should have cut out at 4:27!
  4. Just to say, in the video it says rangers don't use half there skilltree however I think this has changed as of the most recent patch in which the right side was buffed.
  5. Think you can only get the class attributes from leaf legends =/
  6. Nice guide ty! Cool to see how there are many different strategies for the same bosses
  7. Good old days of oddone hehe.
  8. No, it will stop you from leveling down.
  9. Snowfall staff is the leaf of eternity legends. You need 40 for a weapon. Leafs currently go for 20-30k so thats 800-1200k for a legend. Lvl 30 blueprints are the way to go for a cheap legend if you don't have much cash
  10. I have it, can confirm its pretty bad.