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  1. My friend didn't lost anything during gem's bug and got 16 diamonds with the refund, this is just insane!!!!
  2. Just do all of your daily events, timed event, holiday events, reputation tasks, raids, teamraids.
  3. AGI OR DMG AND CRIT. Make diamonds lvl 20 to get crit aswell (all of your red equipped gems) .
  4. yeah take all servers down and fix it.
  5. Yeah, make Feathers cost 20k, it would be fair enought
  6. I know that, but i replaced the necklace and armor, the stats are even better than before, so its a bug, i will report it. Thanks
  7. How it works, i have 980 of max attack, when i equiped it i got only 84 of attack, its 1064 right now, it should be 1225, cuz 25% of 980 is 245, so the max attack should be 1225 and not 1064, am i missing something?
  8. That's stupid, while adding new servers, the other ones will be empty, i vote to not launch new serves.
  9. useless is the right word here. not worth to play scout anymore
  10. It's so nice the fact you guys care about everything, but Scout's nerf is just insane, Relentess got nerf and now Star blade nerf (the starblade's passives are worthless at this moment, you can see it by playing scout). Thanks in advance.
  11. i'm just waiting for the reset runes system, cuz i'll play forest guide, its not worth to play scout anymore. Whats the point playing a class without good passives? Like, with star blade nerf, there are only 3 passives we can use: luck, razorpoint and barrage. The other ones are Starblade Volley's passives, and theyre useless.
  12. they removed all the cooldowns from it, not only 8s they added before.
  13. right now im just using Lucky, barrage and razorpoint (scout passives), since the 3 star blade passives are useless.
  14. i made i mistake, u guys added 8s of cooldown reduc., not 8%.
  15. Scout is useless right now, theres no cooldown reduction for starblade at all, before the update i had ~10% cooldown reduction, plus the 8s cooldown reduction devs added, thats why it was op. Why not removing the 8s reduction (or make it 4s) instead of the % cooldown? Scout main DPS skill Relentless nerfed, mana cost up 200% to 675 = lame Mystic are op and u guys did nothing with it, they can heal and do massive damage. Nice balance.