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  1. Update: The description of Conjuring Force is inaccurate due to mistranslation. It will probably be corrected during next week's maintenance. Thanks again for the feedback. TinyDragon
  2. Hi @Minervaa, Sorry you're experiencing a login problem. Please contact the CS team for help. Here is the link: https://netease.helpshift.com/a/crusaders-of-light/. Hope they help you reach a resolution soon! TinyDragon
  3. Looks like a bad translation. I'll have to check with the team. Thanks for the feedback. TinyDragon
  4. Servers are now open. Thank you for your patience. Adventure on, Crusaders!
  5. Crusaders of Light June 13 Patch Notes Bug Fixes Fixed an issue with some NPCs not providing the correct options for players. Fixed an issue with Mount Playlists.
  6. Thanks for the info. I'll pass along it to the team. TinyDragon
  7. Thanks for the feedback. We have looked into this one. The Rhinoceros Cart has too much HP, making it seem to be unkillable. We will resolve this issue and keep you updated. TinyDragon
  8. Please be aware that Crusaders of Light will be down for a scheduled server maintenance on Thursday, June 14 at 2AM GMT for an estimated 2 hours. We appreciate your patience during this time and will have the game back up and running as soon as possible! Thank you!
  9. Hey folks! We just released a new iOS patch to resolve this problem. Please try updating and let us know if you have any further issues. Thank you! TinyDragon
  10. We are aware and working on this one. Reinstalling the game would help. If you have excellent network connections, you can try this method. TinyDragon
  11. We're looking into this one.
  12. Reinstalling the game helps.
  13. Servers are now open. Thank you for your patience. Adventure on, Crusaders!
  14. Crusaders of Light June 6 Patch Notes Mounts Random and Sequential Mount Playlists have been added. Pick your favorite mounts and switch up your ride! Store 10 Lucky Tickets are now available in a bundle. Chat Add system notification for Lucky Draw rare draw and Diamond Chest raid drops. Bugs Minor UI and Text String Fixes Heroes Gathering rewards for Day 7 should now display properly for all players.
  15. Hey folks! Thanks for the feedback. This problem will be resolved during this week's maintenance. TinyDragon