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  1. I'm lv87, this i've done every BB, i don't recall loosing one round and at 22h43 i'm ranked 48th... On my server (Mulgori + Greyhollow), i could be top 20th while doing only half of my BB. I have to admit, it was boring, no challenge, most players inactive but now it's almost impossible to be top50, if they don't forget one BB or loose a few rounds, the top 50 will be only player lv90. Lv87, i'll be lucky if i still am in 40-50 but think about lower level player... If player level87-89 have a really hard time being in the top, what about the lv80-, the new players... I'm not sure separating BB by level would resolve things because it won't change a thing, only the HL player will gain diamonds. I don't understand why most of the times we face bot in BB but, once in a while, we are against a real player (you can recognize them beacause they have artefacts + different mastery lv) so if you don't pay attention or have a strategy to counter heroes, you loose a round (or more). Why can't we always be against real players? Maybe not player that are playing at the same time but just players around the same lv (-/+ lv2 is good). It would not only add some difficulties to BB but also put difference between BB points. Another suggestion would be to give all players same amount of points but this only would not be enough.
  2. How can we spend 10,4k diamonds when the previous month, Oya cost 20k... With thousands of player for only 1 BB, 1 Duel, 1 GW, 1 MH ressources are now dead for most players.
  3. Little rectification: thousands of players for only top 50 rewards. I''m okay with challenge but come on...
  4. Same things with diamonds, Bloody was a free way to gain some but now there will be hundreds of player for top 50...
  5. Agree too, world chat should be for all the servers. The only multi servers "chats" we have are the tips in the different modes. For rare heroes like Bane, Kage, Oya, Rurik it's kind difficult to find an invoc team so world activity would be good
  6. Is the summoning a bug? 800 we are supposed to SUMMON the new hero... 20 soulstones are useful only if we already hot him
  7. Just want to be sure, the new 4* hero and the merging will be on this thursday (06)? Can we know what will be the servers to merge?
  8. Good news! It took a while but glad to see what is coming, thanks for your work
  9. How does this system work? A while ago, i wanted to transfer 48 mastery and it was asked ~500 soulstones, i hadn't enough so i waited a bit. I tried a few days later and it was "only" ~300 so i could do it. Just now i tried with 49 mastery and it says i need ~900 soulstones... Is there a logic in this system or this just random numbers? I had two hypothesis: _ the more you have soulstones the less it cost _ everyday or week, the valor changes
  10. I think it's useless to craft a tank set, mostly because the weapons/access aren't out yet but also because tanks are only used in duel. Upgrade your warriors first, you'll use them in every mode. I didn't find out either where to use Yasha, with a full crit set she has good damage but nothing more (she was just mastery 2, i didn't upgrade her more). 8 is a lot but i understand you, it can be boring to play with the same heroes all the time but you can just switch stuff, 5/6 set is enough because you only have to keep 3 sets on the heroes all the time (in duel)(I don't know if i'm clear when i write that). I my opinion: Invgar= atk speed / Yasha=crit / Agony=crit or atk pspeed / konĀ²=crit / cedelyon=i'd say crit too but not sure / Xah=atk speed but crit is good too (you can mix). Except for Xah, try to use the same effect on all equipments, effect that use the synergy at the best. As i said, in duel you can have enough armor pen with corrosion/set effect/lunar chakram
  11. Under lv81, Raijin is the best Warrior i think. Vanessa, Rasha, Cerberus, Hib, Rein are good too for most modes. Bane has the biggest dps for a mixed hero, i used Kon kon too but Tai has better damage, especially in MH. Rhag, raiji + warrior/mage hero in ambush is a common formation. I also don't like oma, now i'm using VIscern/Rasha/Rein and it works quite well (not enough to be in the top 5 but it's a temporary team). Rhag is one of the best tank but almost everybody use him, using him for many months i got bored, Viscern can be a good tank and he has good damage, Kagemasa is probably the best tank but not everyone got him. Lumenor is one of the best dps mage, i think we often forget he's a 4 star hero. If you use Rhag + 2 warriors, take of erudite/unity they are useless (you don't use a mage or an hybrid hero). Use corrosion, raider or maybe a defensive rune instead. There's not an universal team for duel, there are many combinations possible. Rhag, Agony and Ingvar are good heroes but i'm not sure they are at their best potential together. On my serv, a player is using Agony/Rai/Oma and it works well, even against Rhag/oma+mage teams. You can also try a 3 dps team, Rai/hib/tai is good (big dps, a stun...), ambush is not mandatory. You just have to find a good tank team that will be your defensive team (set up) but when you challenge you have to change your runes/heroes, it really depends on the opponent's team.
  12. What heroes do you use? I personnally use 2 Speed and 1 crit stuff. Armor is not very useful in my opinion (maybe for duel) but speed is important in MH, heroes like Rai/Rasha/Rein that are good in most modes have good damages with speed. 1 crit set is also good to have a mix if you own the warrior helmet set, i prefer crit to armor p. because with synergy + set effects + runes + artifacts you can have enough armor pen
  13. Hi everyone, i didn't want to create a topic for each mode/issue so here is a global one. The new forum is really cool by the way. Game's balance Like the mythic gems, rough ore (ingredient for mythic jewel) is very rare. Only the 1st of the top MH get it, for now it hasn't appear in any event i think. I think the main problem is with the MH, 1st get great loots and the other useless gems. At lv70+ we are starting to have all our epic stuffs 5 stars, in th MH 81+ if you're rank 2-5 you get 4 epic gems which are useless. I'm probably saying this because i'm in those ranks but i'm sure other feel the same. Once you get 1st of the top MH you have an everyday bonus that gets you a step ahead other players,mythic gem + rough (to craft mythic jewels) which keep increasing the gap. There should be at least a recipe for mythic gems and maybe less epic gems. Or create a forge for gems (i think someone talked about it on the last forum): 5 epic gems -> 1 mythic gem at 30% or 10 epic gems -> 1 mythic gem at 100%, something like that (same for rare gems, most HL players have hundred of those). PvP Concerning PvP, it's sad that we don't have any news about Stony Gorge update. At first i wasn't happy about doing my points in Twilight Forest because it lasts too long but now i'm used too it. Still, sometimes i'd like to do my points in quick games. Omaeus is still an issue, i find it funny that almost every people using him are ranked players, maybe they don't know how to play without him anymore. Oma kills the balance, with a good tank hero or a hero like Raijin you can be 2v3 easily. Only way to counter him is to use oma or have a very good team. I also have an issue with the teams. I don't like being with low level, not saying i'm a better player but just the runes are a problem. Under a certain level, they don't have good runes for pvp, somes they don't even have runes or they put "useless" runes. Not all low level are bad players, i met some good lv30-40 who where ranked but most of them lack of experience. Maybe separate pvp by lvl or by rank, i don't really know how to fix it.