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  1. when will this be available in our CoL?
  2. please update this guide for 06/218!!! Thanks much
  3. #NoToClassSwap #YesToWarriorBuff
  4. Oh my lord - what an invalid system we have on our Market! Thanks for sharing the mechanics of how the price market works - i appreciate that! I guess i will hunt scales and titanus to use this QQ - I was willing to let go of this for 150K , oh well. - Knowell
  5. The lowest price I can set in the market is 750K
  6. First, I am on my 5th month playing and no idea how much should I sell this. I tried to sell to Market and default price is 1.5M - is this freaking right? How much should I really sell this - help pls. - Knowell
  7. #SayonaraAccount It is now about creating the most convincing reason/alibi to retrieve your account which I think will not work, specially if you are caught in the act of cheating. It could be worst #IPBan
  8. Yes!!! Finally, an in-game GM taking action on these speed hacks. Kudos to CoL ~_^
  9. My Devices PC - FacebookGameroom - working ok Android: Lenovo Vibe P1 - got the login issue Android: Oppo Mirror - got the login issue So, i have 3 accounts - 2 of them are on my android mobile phones. I tried the above method and did not work. Read the instruction thrice to make sure I am doing things right but to no avail. I got the message that I got disconnected and need to login again - but when I try to login, I still have the endless loading screen. After typing this I will try again on my 5th up to my 10th try and post back here. So much hassle Thanks for the tip though
  10. I think it is only in all Asia server that we are having this login issue - tried other region/server and worked ok That said, I hope devs/support team can fix this asap. Cheers and Happy Monday!
  11. got two tickets from daily log in rolled them and got defense diamond and pegasus 3day so i think it is still rng
  12. sorry - what do you mean by back as compensation?
  13. How does one sell this for 150K when the market allows only allows @ 250K - is there a work around? gift/trade to people who wants to buy? Sorry newbie here but thanks in advance!
  14. I have been playing for 2 months now and I have to admit that this game is a refreshing take on MMORPG. I enjoy the co-op aspect of the game specially 10-40 team raids. The random attribute rolls on gears is one of things that sold me on this game - its addicting to reroll. I am playing this game on my PC using Facebook Gameroom as the game client and I have to give the visuals 8 out 10 (and this is pretty high for being a mobile game). It was just today that I visited the community forum to check on what happened with the "call to arms" event prizes going out after the update and to my surprise not only that there is an issue delivering LODs, there are item bugs, new character glitches. I hope this can get straighten out soon because I really like the gameplay and story line of this game.