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  1. Anniversary Boxes
  2. Thank you guys to let me know where I m lacking and I'll try to do improvements in my further videos ❤ @WindWhisper @Esrun
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  8. Hey I'm Harshx Gaming from YouTube and I've been creating CoL Guides. I will be using this thread to keep you all updated with my videos and to give you easy access to all my video guides and new releases For instant notifications, be sure to sub to my channel and I'll try my best to keep this thread as updated as possible! You can check all of my Crusaders of Light videos and streams in my CoL playlist for yourself here! Elemental(mage) gameplay in Everlush Heroic Heroic chimeria 4 man raid guide Skyblaze village 2man raid Heroic chimeria guide Burning SkyBlaze 2man raid Hell 3 lords + OffHeal guide Arunas Heroic guide + OffHeal guide Skyblaze Heroic guide 2 Skyblaze Heroic guide+ OffHeal guide 1 Skyblaze purlik quick run
  9. If u are delaying things once or twice is fine but everyone time u do same thing n fail to keep ur promises , it shows how poor ur system is tho improve it and I hope u will work on it aspas