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  1. Bad name and racist name in mother language, Immortality, 100 meters attack range, walking through the wall ability in survival. and also it seems like they dont even care about those speed hack cheaters in raids and survival and I just notice there is someone who is immortal in survival, He is walking naked in poison zone at the last phase its like 3 of us and this guy just keep standing in poison zone whatching us fighting and baaam when I beat the other guys this immortal guy still standing in poison zone without any of his health decreasing its like this guy health keep full no matter what.... what do u guys netease dev or moderator called? this guy is immortal in survival. tbh im tired telling u about this strange things in survival, I posted u some videos as an evidence and still havent got any respond after I posted to you for dev or netease moderator. please at least get some in game moderator to keep whatching about this things and the others.
  2. I dont understand what u r talkin about.. but I respect other languages. yes I ve noticed that most of Guild Hunt is bug like we are unable to use skill it keeps delay over and over and suddenly lag hard lag for example Wufius its like every 50% of Wufius Health we will be hit by hard lag and on Lord Invasion events 1 hit die event if ur character status is beast, once I doin Lord Invansion for medals I keep die by 1 hit its brutal lord and my status could even survive for agonizing 1. the suddenly skill bug is the most annoying bug... it keeps delay we cant use any skill.
  3. I never spent money on toons... I've just bought the 6 months membership and tbh the goblin merchants seems so expensive than my toons it sure I only got 1 golden goblin merchants on my main account but my toons get 1 gold goblin merchants every week. since I bought the 6 months membership the Goblin Merchants offer is different its like they offer me a good items for a good prices like upto 4K Crystal chest offer that I only get after bought the 6 month membership, but never seen any offer like that on my toons. I think its kinda fair, they help those who doesnt have much money or spent money on game they r tryin to offer them a good deals with low price and offer them cashboy with very very very good deals with high prices. I see lot of free player in new server grinding so hard to increase their CR to compete with cashboy, this Golden Goblin Merchants kinda help them lil bit.
  4. I dont mind that...... if anyone invite me to duel I will accpt that, whats wrong with duel? its fun to duel with random people. I hope the message for invitation should be moved to somewhere on screen or we could set up for that. like we can set the invitation message into the corner of the screen or bottom instead of block some people that really need help from random people.
  5. what kind of warrior has an ability to move faster? they dont have roll or jumping speed something like that. look when they cleared up the first mobs and this warrior just directly attack the boss when the other is still walking going to boss and then after boss beat down this warrior just directly tank the second mobs to boss 2. I cant even do that as ranger if I roll with swiftness star circle over and over again not as fast as this warrior do.
  6. warrior tank? soon u will replaced by pally tank. in new server there r alot of pally thank than warrior tank and its seems like only few active warrior here like 2 - 4 active warrior. they need to do something for warrior, pally take over everything.
  7. it happened to me also and i just realized only an alt account has a really good luck.... we cant expect high on our main lucky draw it will hurt if we get nothing. I saw alot of alt just get a really good luck like sakura lion mount or legendeary.
  8. wtf dude.... this account has been created 4 weeks ago I created this account to report those cheaters in windwhisper but it seems like moderators doesnt really care about cheaters. but honestly trials quest is the most importent dailies to do and sure u will get good stuff if u r lucky. people doing Trials Quest to get exp and gold and some good stuff if u r luck, this is what I do by doing Trials Quest they can make a new dungeons or map events or something fun instead of remove trials quest.
  9. The Flash just playing this game, and he puts his ability to his character.... did the moderators watching those people doing survival windwhisper?
  10. wtf dude....... Trial Quest is one of the most importent things to do in this game
  11. I have sent u the screenshot of the guy could going through the wall and I have another video about that... where should I post the video?
  12. to Crusaders of Light dev or moderator please keep watching on survival windwhisper... there is alot of ppl do weird things, like they r walking like The Flash or a naked palyer is immortal and could kill a player with epic equipments easily and sure some people just walking through the wall or rocks they could hit us but we cant hit them back.
  13. so I just rank up my faction rep to Magellana's Shadow : Revered III this rank is suppose to give me a status bonus for HP+75 Parry +2% Crit + 2% Attack + 8% and Dodge + 1.5%. when I hit that rank its sure gives me that bonuses but after I log out or re - login or switch character the bonuses status is gone..... is it bug or not? I just rank up this rep by my phone... some people says its bug if u rank up with phone and they advice me to rank up with pc please Netease Team respon to this bug.
  14. finally I could play this game on steam.... u know that Facebook Gameroom is suck, cant wait.......
  15. I just Realized something weird in Windwhisper Survival Single Match, I found some player that cant be hit and keep alive even they r on poison area, once its just 2 of us, u know the save zone area will be shrink and then he keep stay outside the circle and still alive then i see the health doesnt decrease at all.