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  1. what u saaaaaaaaaaaaay?
  2. there is a guy who posted about it in youtube and its videos not pics
  3. I bet you are the most profesional players in Crusaders of Light universe... those noob player including me as well need to learn how to play from a profesional player like you. please make a tutorial video about it I bet it is not hard to make in case you are really know the mechanics so well, I will subscribe and like every videos. we need a person like you that can make a tutorial video about each mechanics and phase for every boss in raids and team raids.... telling us each mechs and phase then what to do for each class, thats gonna be a really good.
  4. I want to say that pally dps is not good as other class dps like I saw lots of pally dps keep dying while scout and pyromancer could survive.
  5. New Server? nah nah nah nah please dont make any new server even for recent server that been realesed they have lack of populations. if they keep making a new server there will be bunch of first blood wannabe moving out to new server and some top 10 ranking wannabe to make their dream come true and the end they will end up selling their account and again they will have lack of population cause of that. They need to make main servers for every zone merge them all in 1 server in every zone, its not hard to catch up with the old players this game is free 2 play cuz no matter how much you spent your money in this game free player still catch up you later cuz we have the same gears and the same way to get not like the other games like you need to pay $99999 to become the most powerful player in the server. as you said its hard to find tamer, magellana and also fang sure its right I also play in this server when im bored palying the other server, sure only few tamer has a great gears and only few tamer has only great skill and status that suit for their class and also only few fang that are good maybe 1 or 3 fang, those people in Ferroc mostly they are expecting to get a support class with beast gears and L set to help them survive in raids you can see most of those elementals have worst status like they are focusing on damage only while the other stats also good for survive like spell resist, Dodge, Eveade, Health, Deff and Spell Deffense I've been in some raids with high CR players those elems keep dying and they blaming everything to healer and also a tamer or fang, I used to be a fang there but I decided to get a new elemes class cuz its hard to get into every raids if you are a fang. I missed good old days when people are respect to every class and keep learning for every raids.
  6. you can do high dps with tamer but you will lose lots of stats that could help you to survive for any condition to keep you support the team but still you cant beat pure dps class. dont expecting you will do high damage if you are a Tamer and survive at the same time, you can get the decent dps score for each conditions and a really good stats to survive and also a good skill to spams wild roar.
  7. as I know in every game players that using bugs and exploits is one of the cheater there is lot of kind of cheater, so you think cheater is the guy using third party program? what does cheat mean? to Netease Developer or Moderator please Im begging you to have some people as In-game moderator to keep an eye on buggy map, there is tons of players exploit bug to win the game such as the wall bug in windwhisper survival and shadowveil survival and also I just saw 1 guy that could do it the shadow slash skill over and over again without any cast delay in shadowveil survival.
  8. you need to upgrade your roll, we have some Ranger that has a low level on Roll rune its seems like when they roll they rarely get the shield from it it happened to me also when I havent upgrade my roll rune. I guess if u are talking about the shield charges from roll maybe the best way is to upgrade your roll skill but the rune also importent to me at least everytime I hit the skill the shield should buff to me.
  9. I've tried this so many times, I really glad someone has the same problem like me and telling it here cuz I guess not so many people relize this, I want to help them to get a good dps by my buff even if I spam Wild Roar it is still mostly will buff healer it rarely buff dps player.
  10. I know its random but if u r a tamer or a DPS usually my buff or Wild Roar will buff those healer and tanker it happened to me a lot. for example 10 squad raids, in this case I've tried so many times using Wild Roar and sure this Wild Roar mostly buff to healer and tanker even I spam it like if I lucky enough I can spam Wild Roar for 3 times but sure it will buff those dps 1 times out of 3. Those 3 r healer and tanker. I will not telling this if I havent experiment with the things that I will ask or tell to forum, I've tried this for thousand times with my friends and he is a dps, I have tried so many things like increasing my DPS so I guess if I got a good dps this buff will going to buff those dps, even I tried when we r all afk I mean we r just standing for doing nothing and its still buffed those healer and tanker (mostly healer). if it said random, why 1 or more healer can get buffed 4 times continuously.
  11. i want to ask about Tamer's Wild Roar skill it said this skill will gives the attack buff to 5 people in my group, I have no idea why my buff is always giving the buff to mostly a healer and warrior tanker when the dps really needs it, I always get complained by my group mate that they think I dont use that skill just because they hasnt get the buff from my roar so their dps is drop. do u guys have the same problem like me? or do u guys have some tricks and tips how can I use this skill proprely at any condition.
  12. thats the truth I saw one guy that have a never decrease HP even this guy is just standing in poison area all the time this guy hp still at full condition. Netease should get like in game moderator to watch players activities especially in survival or pvp arena. I've sent some evidence such as videos and screenshots to them but still I havent get any responses from them.
  13. I saw in my server there is 1 templar that could hit over 20K in elemental lord ago 1 and the rest elementalist wich has a good gear hit this monster over 20K as well. I dont know his rotation but tbh rotation is doesnt matter U just need to know every skill function. when know every skill function u use for, U will get a good rotation in every condition.
  14. so there will be a new class? so what's will be the next useless class beside warrior after the new class release? in new server those warrior are useless and I feel sorry about them, them been replaced by pally even fang r useless for dps than pally templar and now I feel like Scout also getting useless because of elementalist class.
  15. maybe they removed it