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  1. Gmail is a fast, secure and easy to use and can be synced with iPhone easily. It becomes mandatory to keep it updated and remain log in all time when you need to do the communication with your colleagues for official work, business purpose or any other communication but all the work gets hampered if gmail not working on iPhone and you need to fix this issue in following ways: Check if iPhone is connected to the internet. If it is not, then, connect to the internet through data or wireless connection. Remove the email account and set it up again: Many a times, most of the problem gets solved by removing the account and set it up again. 3. Sign into the gmail. 4. Go to Settings. 5. Click on Accounts & Passwords. 6. Tap on the Gmail account. 7. Tap on Delete Account. This deletes your account. Now, set up the Email account to remove the issue of gmail not working on iPhone: 8. Go to Settings. 9. Click on Accounts & Passwords. 10. Tap on Add Account. If you have iOS 10.3.3 or earlier, then, proceed with following: 11. Go to Settings. 12. Click on Mail. 13. Tap on Accounts. 14. Tap on Add Account. 15. Tap on Gmail in the list of email providers. If it does not show gmail in the list, then, tap on Other to add the account manually. 16. Enter the Email ID and password. 17. Tap on Next. 18. Wait till the email account gets verified. 19. Tap on Save. With the above steps fix the issue of Gmail not working on iPhone and get your account retrieved on your iPhone.
  2. Google and its items has changed the lifestyle of zillions of individuals as it offers mind blowing organizations to their customers at a colossal degree. Google was made with the course of action to contact the every individual expectation by offering a bit of the advanced and the unending affiliations by hook and crook. Google offers unmistakable Internet related affiliations and things to their clients world wide.These joins search,online advertising,software,hardware and cloud computing.Rapid change has come in the market of Internet as a result of Google as it offers affiliations proposed for work and productivity(Google Docs,Google Slides,Google Sheets),Email(Gmail/Inbox),Google Calendar,Social Networking(Google+),Instant Messaging,Video Chat,Google Translate,Google Chrome,Google Map and Navigationand some more. Our Google Customer Service Number social occasion is an especially masterminded specialists provides you assistance for google search not working on chrome all through the world who makes sense of how to analyze your issues with most noticeable endeavors and in constrained time cross. WHY GOOGLE SEARCHES NOT WORKING ON CHROME For all the little and huge issues, once in an existence we have to contact technical team who look after the specialized issues as we value your time and money both and provides you assistances in a stipulated time frame. Here are a portion of the issues said beneath user normally faces while managing Google searches 1.Unable to look through the required information because of zero internet connectivity 2.Unable to open various tab on one window 3.Google chrome quits working or performing 4.Attack of infections or malware viruses 5.Excessive cache and cookies memory Never miss an opportunity to connect with the most committed and the qualified Google technical support team who provides you assistance for google voice search not working in chrome as our specialized help telephone number group who never miss an opportunity to give you best and require support and administrations in a brief timeframe. Our google seek comfort client benefit group investigate your issues by taking a remote access of your gadget or either through visit, phone or email with a specific end goal to display you most dependable, exact, speedy and trust commendable administrations which you have not experienced till yet in all your years. Our most affirmed google seek reassure customer benefit group dependably availble at your services to give you technical services day and night immediately. Source :
  3. Google is known for multiple factors and one of such is the Safety & Security. It offers the complete secure system to the users and hence protects the data from the hackers. However, if you forgot your password, then you have few recovery options, i.e. Google Account recovery via email and recovery through a phone number. The additional one is security questions and answers. However, if you are trying to recover your Google Account and you are getting an error, ‘Google Can’t verify your account’ then you must perform the steps in a proper manner otherwise your account will be blocked and you won’t be able to access. Google Account Recovery not working | Troubleshooting Steps · Try to use the same IP address which you generally use to perform the recovery process and this time avoids the public internet. If signed from other IP address, Google considers this as a suspicious activity and will prevent your way. · If you are using the Proxy Internet, then disable the same immediately. · If you are unable to recover the Google Account, then allow Google to identify it and for the same, go to Google Account recovery page and click on ‘verify my identity’. · Disable the firewall temporarily. Apply the above methods and follow Google Account Recovery Process carefully and this time you will be able to recover your Google Account, but make sure to provide the correct answers to all the questions. This will help the Google to verify your account. Source : Other Useful source :