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  1. You have more chances to solve your love problems with the powerfull magic of baba ji from mumbai than to see players getting banned in this **** game. Just FYI ocho and tiny dragon no longer work for netease and they dont have any community managers anymore. Besides that, the clonning bug has been reported with videos and they dont do **** about it or any of the other bugs that have been reported. So i aint gonna sit and watch people jumping on the gs charts hoping that the company will do something about it.
  2. You can just create a team and disband it. That way your request is canceled.
  3. I quit the game at october, came back 3 months ago. When i came back i was 45k cr with 18k hp 1.2 def warrior tank. Didnt know anything about star circles or emerged gears etc. After 3 months i am at 35k hp, 2.8k def and 76k cr. I have completed all the raids up to handy hammer heroic and in total in these 3 months i have spent 35$ to buy only the golden goblin deals to get tickets so i wouldnt consider myself p2w. You can do end game content as f2p so i dont agree with you in that regard. This game has one of the most expensive p2w systems. The amount of rng (although i hate the rng) in this game really favors the f2p and not the p2w. There are A LOT of negatives about this company i agree but i dont think this is one of the big problems.
  4. I really prefer it the way it is now than how it was. More variations make it less boring and i think all 4 classes are good depending on what the rest of the players have. Also it makes it harder for alt farmers.....kinda. P.S. i love it when berserker turns the map into a graveyard
  5. When u go to the npc to enter the arena there is an option "Receive the rewards from the previous competition". Did you try that?
  6. Dude warriors would prefer a class balance than a class swap. Can u blame them because they dont want to throw 1 years efforts to trash and start over? Are we gonna restart everytime they bring a new class out? Cause the new classes always come out OP (thats in every mmorpg) but later they usually balance them out by nerfing them or buffing the rest of the classes. Warriors is the only class that has been left as it was when the game started and dont tell me they buffed him with those nonsence adjustments they did at some point. Even fangs buff is kinda useless in most raids because of the minimal range it has. I still use my warrior and wont start another class cause as i said i dont want all my efforts and grinding to go in the trash but that doesnt mean i will not keep asking for what is only logical. Their main goal is to make more profit and its not wrong so thats why some people request class swap. Buffing a class to keep it alive has less profit than making people spending on a new class cause the one they play became dead and useless. So people say bring the class swap where u will still make profit since people will need to spend for it and at the same time they wont quit cause their toons became weak even after all their efforts.
  7. get on discord. There was a huge debate about it and people have been testing it a lot. Blood thirst turns out to add as much dps as the d5 sets. d6-d7 adds more. Its good to use only if u get it on ring/pendant otherwise u have better sets to equip.
  8. Story quests is the fastest source of alt medals if u know how. I get 500 everyday and it takes me max 10 mins. DONT TOUCH THE STORY QUEST MEDALS!!!
  9. That goes for the f2p.....people can still sell crystals to their alts for 1300g per crystal and transfer gold just fine.
  10. Here is a random guess.....all of you that got temp ban while u never speedhacked, you all play on ios devices. Is that correct? Is any of you that got banned NOT playing on ios?
  11. Fixed it already but thanks a lot! Seems like the "restart your device" was the magic cure.
  12. @etc Also you can join the discord server for this game where most of the top players are and ask ur questions there. The link is
  13. lol make the market free? That would break the game. The alt armies would get even worse than they are now and the prices would drop cause of the people that need fast gold and put everything as low as they can. The people that would benefit most from this are the ones that want to transfer gold from their alt farming armies. Are you one of them? No one is forcing u to buy ingame currency to buy the stuff u want from AH. Also people are not just bying from AH but also selling things. You buy high but u sell high too.
  14. i get masks from shadowveil way more freaquently than survival. Could have something to do with the fact u get 3 chests for 1st place opposed to 1 chest u get in survival. For the rest i just agree with @0rih4z4rd
  15. @TinyDragon i up this cause it just happened to me too. No names/titles above any of the players or npcs including my own. Tried reinstalling and everything but its not fixed. Any update on that?