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  1. Theres another video of someone using it to farm plants faster...
  2. Unfortunatly speed hacks exist in many games and many times they just cant do anything about it. It works on rooted devices and its been reported long time ago that people in game use it in the thread below. Godhand also posted a video on youtube using it to report it.
  3. Remember that in future update you will have 10 skills on your skill bar, I would think that balances will change when that happens. There is no reason to do anything before that update comes cause i bet there will be new imbalances then and i dont think that update is far away.
  4. paladin, paladin and paladin. And make some Paladin alts too.
  5. if you dont mind looking ugly then u can get forged legendaries. You only need 4 leaf legendaries to get the L set. The rest can be crafted since there is no difference in the stats or upgrades but maaan the crafted look sooooo ugly. Make sure u get chest and pants not crafted cause they basicly determine your whole look.
  6. omg not even a purple title? wtf??? gzzz
  7. Concerning new class, Paladin is coming this month and its been kinda verified. Panda said that the fabled rumors have info on the new update that will come this month. So people figured out that if u take the first letter of each rumor and put them in a row u can clearly see the word paladin being formed. Check caylas video on youtube for more info.
  8. You people are the hell could new servers make people that have quit the game come back? Lets say i have invested 3 months playing everyday on my toon also spent money to buy gems etc and they throw all my struggles in the trash. WHY would i ever come back to start all from zero on new server? What kind of crazy/stupid logic is that? Which game have u seen having a similar issue and new servers solved it? The only thing new servers will do is spread the population and make more people on old servers quit and eventually the fiasco will be forgotten.
  9. I also quit the game for the same reasons mentioned. At start i thought i would suck it up and keep playing "for fun" but unfortunatly there is no fun when half of ur friends quit the game over this gem fiasco. its not fun when u meet the gem buffed players in arena and bf, its not fun when u no longer have a chance to compete for first kills in high raids cause some people got months worth of progress in their mail, its not fun when i struggle to save silver to make 1 lvl 40 diamond to slowly progress while others got 100 of them for free, its not fun when u listen to the devs and dont mess around with the bug while the ones that abuse the bug get rewarded for it. The same amount of support i have shown to this game from before it even launched the soft launch the same anger and dislike i feel about it right now. I am trying to think WHAT made them think that its ok to just leave it like that. Is there a lack of understanding of how much that breaks the balance of the game? The amount of people quitting doesnt make u think u should do something else about it? Do you expect it to just "be forgotten"?
  10. I Have also rerolled d1 on my crafted legendary although it took me 22 dragon scales. Its possible since the latest update but it needs luck like everything else.
  11. You must upgrade your gear to lvl 45 to be able to swap sets on/from them.
  12. Thank u for the data! It would be nice if we somehow knew the population of ur server too. Maybe make an alt and check the arena ranking he has when u go for the first time to do it. Might be a good indication to compare and see if thats because of population. Meanwhile prices are still the same in Blazing plains. Sash min for warr 500k. Pauldrons 500k, tunic 750k, helmet 750k, shield 750k.
  13. This thread is about legendary gear in auction not about bps or meteorites and I myself said DONT compare them. I gave many explanations of how things work and many examples of why we believe it works this way while u still havent told me 1 thing about WHY u believe legendary gears for warriors have a higher minimum price than those of mystics and rangers. So what is your guess?
  14. With what exactly does that sentence contradict with? Cause i still fail to see your "usefull one". Maybe i'm slow. *Edit* Since @Primaeva you edited your post i will reply by editing too. What i am saying in that sentence is not what i am trying to achieve but what is happening right now. Thats how the auction is working atm. Thats why the mine/plant material prices have dropped so drastically while there was always big demand for them. The problem is that right now for the warriors legendary prices to drop an X amount of warriors must buy them at the high prices they are but since there are not enough warriors buying (partly because there are less warrior toons being made and partly because the existing warriors dont buy beccause they wait the prices to drop) the result is the prices staying high "for ever" or at least way longer.
  15. Firstly i never asked (even better never tried to "force") a free market, on the opposite i support the restricted market for many reasons that we have discussed in other threads. Secondly my post is pointing out an unfair automated mechanism they have in their game and I believe its in their interest to get feedback for their game so they can improve it in any way they can. Its not about the "5%" that actually observe the game mechanisms but for one (out of three) classes they have in their game. The fact prices havent dropped means that warriors actually AREN'T buying so maybe they DO care. Thank you for your not so usefull post.