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  1. so double skill points or double prophecy compasses are useless too?
  2. What double mystica? i came back to game recently lol
  3. Just FYI it started working again after this maintenance.
  4. There are also the same achivements for x100 and x500 killed players. "Aggression during feeding 1, 2, 3 etc"
  5. This one requires u to get 6 stacks of energy overload while facing liador and it gives u 10 points as u said. Pretty easy to do in normal mode if tell the party not to kill him very fast.
  6. Another 14 hidden achievments that each gives 10 points from the main story quests (chapter 0, chapter 1, Chapter 2 etc etc)
  7. I also have "Licence 1 - Agitated Elementals" which requires you to lead your team to kill 50 Agitated elementals (which have beed removed) Another one after u lead for 200 Agitated elementals (Licence 2...) which also gives 5 achivment points.
  8. This one is called "Child of darkness" and u get it by killing 50 furious Light Elves as Orihazard said. You can find it at "growth" tab and "adventure" submenu.
  9. Almost a year later from this post
  10. really?
  11. Just tried it and it didnt work. i dont think its a device matter since i tried on a different device too. Also other people that face the same issue probably have different devices too.
  12. any reply?
  13. @WillOfTheD Read the thread below which is from august and and it was the same with warriors when the game started. I explain how the prices in auction house work. The reason the prices dont drop is because not enough people are buying. I explain in the thread what i mean and why i say that.
  14. If you really didnt do anything i am sorry for your trouble but i am glad to see they are taking actions towards speed hacking. Now if they mess it up and ban the wrong players, like the messed up the gem compensations, thats a different story
  15. Its not about buyer or not. They have permanetly banned top spenders in the past so it must be some other reason that they dont do anything. Too much trouble? Who knows...