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  1. I moved to the server and boosted 3 toons to 55, none have gotten theirs yet.
  2. good to know, wondered why I did not receive it on all my accounts.
  3. launch the game and click on the news icon, it shows the patch notes. I dont see anything about buffs or nerfs, just new server, alliance factions, faction resets and a new team raid along with new mystica difficulty
  4. I crafted several 30 bps but no luck between all 3 toons on legendaries.
  5. well nice work, some days I wasnt able to get on to do a lot of stuff, I tried to get on at night after my kids went to bed to at least get all the trials and 311 done, faction quest and then would get my heroic raids if reset on all 3 toons. Only was able to be online for a handful of hunts and only cleared team heroics a couple times. I hoarded my gold instead of converting to silver, only made a few diamond 20s throughout my chars and a few epic 40s. I was told mixed views between the 20 diamonds and just getting epic 40s
  6. I wouldn't see why you couldn't. Its 2 different programs running and thats what I will probably end up doing since right now I run my phone, gamecenter and a tablet when doing my dailies and raids with my 3 accounts. Cutting it down to just the 1 device and pc will make things easier.
  7. I didnt realize food and stuff worked or I would of got in the list but I also wasnt online at reset time either. How did you manage to get such a high score being "free" when I have seen people use the boost plus spend money and not get that close and they were online a lot doing hunts etc for every boost they could grab.