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  1. You can't take patch notes out of context and present them as a backup for your claims. Buffs and nerfs do not work in a vacuum. May I ask how much hp and mdef do you have? And can you perhaps tell me if you can see the mystic that killed you ranking? I ask this because i often i fight vs players who have like 7k hp... Well of course I will kill them in one combo.
  2. LOD

    You really should not be buying LoD with crystals.. At least if you are buying the crystals for real life money. Aim for getting LoD from goblin deals while buying the crystals.
  3. I can also suggest the Nature set + divine set. Try to aim for the parts that you don't have; ie. don't buy Nature legs because they are a part of the divine set (I think?).
  4. Oh man okay... I thought I was massively behind due to something weird. Just checked the top path level on our server, it is 38. A small heart-attack was avoided.
  5. Wait, can you even do this? I thought there was a cap to having a path higher than the server path level. Also I thought I was one of the higher path-leveled people on my server. At the time I was level 43 (35), majority was around 31-32. Wait, are you on one of the older servers maybe?
  6. From another topic: If this is actually the case, it's such a slap in the face for higher levels who just leveled one path. I am level 44 with main path 35. My other paths are 25 and 10. I haven't noticed an XP penalty yet so I can peacefully reach level 45. However, now I will just have to level my alt-paths from 25 to 10... sloooowly. Why would I do this? It'd be much better to just focus on my main. Catch-up mechanics is fine, someone else starting the game 2 weeks after me having all paths higher than I am is not.
  7. Oh. That's a good catch. I wonder if the new XP gain overhaul was related to this. Would this mean new raids / difficulties? Or existing raids' being updated?
  8. If your personal statistics is correct (if you are measuring the XP you get by percentages daily via noting them down), that would be a bug. You could report it as such. You could also be hit with the XP penalty if your path level is too high compared to your level.
  9. I like it from a Guild Leader perspective of having everyone on one Squad. Otherwise planning 5 separate parties was a mess. However, the instant teleport tactic in battlegrounds by changing the leader is borderline abusing of game mechanics in my view. Teleportation for PvP (including Light vs Shadow map) should not be allowed, period.
  10. My guess is that it's not implemented yet.. Many items are either there and cannot be activated (ticket system to buy boxes, for instance), or items like these are for systems that are not yet implemented. But who knows, maybe you 1m gold if you save up 10 of these! One can be a dreamer right..
  11. Oh yes, for the weekdays where I have to work, I'm loving this change. It's just the weekends may be a little bit more boring.. hehe.
  12. Aside from the hyperbolic exaggeration in the OP, I'm not sure how to feel about this change. On the plus side, you do not need to do 6 whole raids just to maximize your gains, which was usually 3-1-1-1. On the minus side, people may just run 3 (x Goblints) and call it a day (plus whatever their daily quest is).
  13. Well of course in the short run it will be based on your luck. But lets say that getting 50 stones has 5% chance. 20 stones 10%. 5 stones 20%. Obtaining one Gift vs 3/4 Gifts per day will have a significant effect on the long run. Statistically, you will earn less stones. This is of course if the percentages have not been altered, or the daily average stones are not distributed to other means of obtaining them (for instance the final chest). ----- Speaking of the final chest, I now notice that they no longer give guaranteed Courage Medals. This is a huge change with two implications; anyone who has saved many of these is now at an advantage to buy the new set items, and raids will now start bidding on the Courage Medals. They will most likely sell for 2-3k now.
  14. As of 9th of August, few drastic changes have happened. The reddit threads are updated/being updated now, but to list few of them here: Gem Grinder now costs 1m silver, instead of 10k gold. This is a great change! You can now spend your Courage medal on set items!! Amazing change. The pieces cost 36-90 medals each.
  15. I used about 50 recasts (I think it needs 3 irons for one recast..? yeah..) and was able to finally get almost perfect rolls. Now my weapon is SS. I am a happy but broke Mystic now. It is definitely not an incremental process. The whole process was random just like every other stat roll in the game.