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  1. everyday playing till end event. -never miss 1 single event to gain silver and exp. -never miss single ruler/normal Gh - doing mystica hell difficulty - Buy silver using medal -Join heroic team raid to gain 288 equipment and selling all materials to gain silver, like toraniss,bot,fire etc.. - Faction quest provide u iron n dragonscale to get silver easily - achievement platinum 3 - Faction reputation up-to-date. - convert 200k gold to silver. what u need is focus on gems, my gems on paladin is lvl20 diamond full in every single item equiped. mystica item more stat than legend item(new exquisite). for my advice, IF still have character challenge event next time, just focus on gems and dont buy legendary item bcoz of u need many materials to upgrade ur legendary till 320 ~335 grade, just do mystica n boom! 302 grade free drop :D. theres many way to get high CR, i dont blame P2W player, F2P player also can win but need effort to catch them(p2w) . #srry for bad english#
  2. I think assist CR doesnt count, coz i apply assist on heroic raid during 23.30 (28Feb) ~ 00.30(1March) n my CR was 52K, current CR 42,9xx + food 2k+ = 44K+ .. note * = if u want to say its so unfair for food buff CR , Shutt the crapp!! some1 said i "cheater!".. stfu!! do u think its fair for those P2W player buy boost potion vs me F2P player ?? boost potion once used provide u high path, full eq 288 grade. so fair enuf to fight me with 3~4 days playing lvl55 n still not reaching lvl45 path n with noob item, so what i need to do is getting carried by my main acc do mystica for high grade eq .. so dont blame me cheating for using buff from food , food also ingame item that can provide u more CR. if u say it still not fair, then blame urself n thinking its fair using boost potion ? maybe u can say "yes its fair, coz admin alrdy provide that on item mall" .. so what can i say is " hey, theres a soo many food in Trade house " ... Cheers
  3. hye guys , want to know about Event " Call to Arms" alrdy finished or still ongoing ?? in-game info, it said " 23.59 28FEB (PDT)" .. current time PDT 10:47 PM Wednesday, 28 February 2018 Pacific Time (PT) But , in patch note say : The Call-to-Arms new character challenge will end at its intended time. Congrats to all the winners! "will" are these word refer on 28feb pdt time ?? and "Congrats to all the winners!" > this word refer to an event that alrdy finished ? #ImBlurrring ..some1 can explain? @RedPanda