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  1. Hi, poor doomed beginners. You get better gear through upgrading legendary equipment with material that drops in raids or teamraids. Equipment dropped in mystica can be equipped until your legendary equipment is better. So buy or forge a legendary. Go mystica in comfortable but challenging difficulty. Go any raid and teamraid thats accessible and doable. Get important sets for your class/path. Improve most important stats. Learn the bosstactics. Find an active and supportive guild. Farm all the stuff that can increase your power and moneybag. Dont waste money. Fight for Milura and have fun. Greetings
  2. All things u listed have an impact on ur overall healpower or HealPerSecond. As I do not exactly know if the statistics in CoL count overheal as effective heal, im not sure if this is maybe the problem. But with exact same stats the only thing that creates the difference between u and the other one is simply luck. So pray for RNGesus. The most important sets have been already mentioned. The best way to boost ur overall healpower is to upgrade everything that boosts ur GroupHealingSkills. Spellcrit is nice to have but noone would like to go in a raid when the condition to survive is ur luck on getting a critbonusheal. Spellcrit should be the last one to focus on. So high spell- or magicdmg, high runes, high path, high gems, high crit ...just everything high and u r fine. Greetings
  3. Hey, I play Forest as follows: Moonlight>Crows>Cry>Rain>4x BlessedArrow> start again with Crows When not trigger the CDReduction of BlessedArrows cast anythingelse you do the most dmg with. Use Moonlight when its up and the last MoonlightBuff just has expired. (I have a vague memory that the Buff lasts the half of its 10 seconds I guess.) Works fine for me. Im open to consider suggestions. Greetings
  4. why would u use a skill that does less dmg when u could use the skill with more dmg that is not on cooldown anymore? u only have an advantage when u can use a skill that gives u an advantage another cant.
  5. The potions are only giftable to other accounts. With alt I assume u mean other characters on ur mainaccount. So u have to make another account or make a deal with another player with whom u trade the potion to the preferred character. A potion can only be sent once to online characters. When received it is bound. Exactly...this game is way to restricted. Greetings
  6. Ah..thats how advanced members welcome new player. Better u **** off.
  7. The new lucky draw seems to be permanent. Only the lucky ticket bundles in the shop are available until 25th of march. But what‘s annoying at some point is that lucky tickets are not part of the lucky draw anymore.
  8. Click on the gearwheel in the bottom left corner of the UI. Click on ‚select channel‘. Greetings
  9. No, every character reaching lvl 55 independently of being created before or in event should get a gracious mega box. The LoDs are additional if conditions have been met.
  10. When u created your party click on the lord invasion window/button in the adventure tab again. U will see a new popup that shows u the different difficulties of the elemental lords. Choose one and ur character will go there automatically. If there are no lords they have been killed already. Lords are spawning every half hour starting any full hour. So wait or choose another location. nitnatsnoc
  11. lol why u pay so much for a mobile game? and why u want to play pvp when u like to buy the win?
  12. I read two main points: • fair pvp is useless/senseless/even boring without plenty of customization options (skillbuilds, paths) -> agree cause everyone is playing the same „card deck“ but even with pve gear its the same. i dont think the pve sets have so much more combatstyles to offer right now. in unfair pvp winning or losing depends on pve progress, time and money investment. skill is also a factor, but the higher the gearrating difference the lesser the skill influence to win or lose. so skill in general means: u win against someone who has exact same conditions or even better than you. but what rly is skill? ->being a step further ->know enemy/read enemy ->reactions ->usuall game knowledge (stats, rotations: mana/dmg balance, burst dmg or dot) -> combat knowledge (positioning, team coordination, teamcompostion/harmony, adapt to your enemy/change your own skills to counter and so on) -> early/mid/end game focus (just look at counterstrike, LoL, football, chess) I think CoL needs more variations, playstyles. so: sets/gems/runes with more impact on the fight/the skills/the player decisions more skills/more paths/more classes but: everyone should be able to participate, without spending 6 months of grinding so: make a fair pvp and an unfair pvp -> add good content for both sides • sec point: pve gear is now useless (or not worth the time/money investment) because its only worthy in pve. I understand your point: u want to use your hard gained stuff. as mentioned above: make more unfair pvp content as well as solution for future updates. and: if truth be told: 10k? u are crazy, sry. buy a gaming pc and get a real mmo. CoL is nice but still the product of mobile gaming/money making and the good old dungeons and dragons dice rolling/fantasy concept hype by world of warcraft. CoL is based on grinding/upgrading your stuff endlessly to force u to invest in ur progress. I wondered because CoL is not that p2win right now as other mmo’s. thats why I started playing it. the new update is a step, just a step in the right direction for me. I hope they will implement the suggestions stated above. cause fair pvp needs a deep variety of skills to demand the player. if not...where and how can we show our skillzzzzzzz?
  13. great, so more room for f2p-players on ladder like me how can someone put 1k or more in this game? and dont say to me everyone sets his own priorities: thats just crazy... I would like to know if these 50-100 topladder players on each server are rly the motor, the income, the necessary money injections for the gamedevelopers to bring new a bit uncertain but maybe with steam there are some new milkable cows :0