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  1. I'm surprised your having this much trouble selling it. Is your server dead? Fertile gorge I have sold three legendaries within three days and none of them were weapons. I sold the legendary you got in 3 days. Got another sold by posting in world chat every here and there and the lady in two days.
  2. Again it blows my mind that people are quitting supposedly because they don't have the best gear after the game has o lot been out for TWO months. Sooo you want the best gear now so you have nothing to do in game? Lol.
  3. I don't have that experience really. I mean if you pay hundreds of dollars to get the snowfall staff and silver and gold to get diamonds etc ya you will have an advantage. But it still isn't massive. All this stuff shouldn't be gotten super fast. I have spent about 30$ total. I have two crafted legendaries. They aren't super game changing. I think they reason they made it so expensive to get that stuff partly was so that there wouldn't be a huge pay to win ftp player gap and so you could slowly earn everything. Which most people already do. I play all of the hardest heroic dungeons with no problems and I am not playing a bunch of money. I'm not sure what you are trying to accomplish that you have hit a pay wall that you aren't strong enough to do if you have done heroic raids and team raids? I don't get why so many people think that in a month they should have all the best gear. That is way to fast and would make this game suck . Just my opinion.
  4. I do wish we had more heroic raid runs per week. Even if it is not heroic team raids heroic regular raids daily would be great. Even if there was a way to buy a reset tab or something. This is what might make me loose interest in this game. Not being able to raid and get rewards for them daily and even multiple times daily.
  5. There has been worse advice before. You are an extremely dramatic human being hidden agenda.
  6. Do the raids that complete the offering to gods quest for courage medals
  7. Elite goblin u have to purchase the elite goblin deal with real money. U can check the achievements and they tell u how to get those other achievements. At least they do in mine
  8. After the patch I only get loot and exp for running the first three times. Is this correct no more 3111? Thanks
  9. Dude you put in work to respond to all our crazy rants and requests. It's appreciated. Thank you!
  10. So first off I am loving the game seriously. I was wondering if there were plans to make more gear and or make the current gear look different. Right now you get gear at lvl 45. I am a Shepard and the u essence gear looks the same as my natures blessing gear. I just think appearance variety is lacking and everyone looks too similar. Thanks and again loving the game!
  11. As far as healing for mystics-being pure Shepard they do not need a nerd. Hard to keep up with healing heroic dungeons especially if any of your team makes a mistake. Cd take too long for aoe heals. I'm a level 45 mystic and have solo healedbfukk groups through heroic dungeons have done the 40 person raids many times. Bosses deal massive damage and it is sometimes impossible to heal everyone up especially if people start making mistakes or get out of range. My current path level is 35.