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  1. have the game really became so dead so all the prev servers now "need to be 1" to have some competition ? maybe time to close instead of waste resources, as can see most already goes to col :)
  2. rofl, another guy, that will have alot to say and do for like 1-3 months ? rofl... Redpanda, do your self a fav and get out of this swamp.
  3. + what happend with that great patch was talking about a few "years" ago ? rofl it came down to an prolly retarded server merge that actually should have taken part like at least 6 months ago and now be delayed ? just close the game... dont cheat ppl on more cash.
  4. already quit ! its so funny to read nothing happend, just makes it feel so much better i departed from this swamp !
  5. yupp feels kind of dead-end, only same old money craving events and no fixes for same old bugs that been around since... and no real develop in the modes we already have, and no new once either. just same old auto chores which most getting sick and tired of. had a few old guys return in my guild but they not impressed to what they return to so left already again.
  6. When will we get some new content so we old players have something to do again ? New boss ? New story ? New bla bla bla.....
  7. How to go from main page to forum ? as i can see there is no links or anything, if not have old link, or knowing to write forums a head of netease-na.com how to access ? And there is alot of broken links that just end up with " Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2 " for ex, if click forum rather then wait for it to drop down and show the names of all games.
  8. apparently its different from hero to hero, my bane is master 88, and if take slim(master 90), it will cost me 552, if take panda(29) it will cost only 105 for make bane master 90. if take rhaga(16) its down to 70, if rai(60) its up to 314, so guess its some % of the total master lv along with the grey text saying "Chances for this cycle: X/9 Reset: 4/20"
  9. just had a look, and it would cost me 552 SS to trans 2 lvs (which normally is total of 180SS)
  10. 1 year it took ! great work finally updating to an better forum. said the most useful topic was to be moved, yet i not find any of the good once around.