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  1. Friendly guild unknows is now looking to recruit 55k cr or above active and friendly players.for further info please message Goldenlady or Trtko in game.
  2. I think avalcon's addition of windrush makes your rotation even more viable as i mentioned.it gives reset to glacial spike if you have the d1 set (windrush) But again its painful to wait windrush's cool down out
  3. I think if going for your rotation it would be best to use the d1 wind rush set as conjuror.becuase your rotation inserts windrush into the mix and the set goves garunteed cooldown reset on glacial spike.although it would be hard to get glacial to reset cooldown as even on 55 lvl on the sub path it has only 16% reset chance.and windrush has a long cooldown making it harder to time both skills together.and if you ask ava.yes ive tried it.your 5 skill rotaion too.but still conjurur has disadvantage in pvp and pve.unless as you said team sticks together.
  4. Rangers also have a skill called dodge.that tiny little button the right of the screen?ever saw it?
  5. Also mystics can heal and do dmg.NeRF mYstIcS. See how retarted that sounds
  6. There is somethong called D O D G E which is present.and if any retard has a problem using that.they need to stop playing