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  1. Hi NetEase Im A Loyal And A Big Fan Of Rules Of Survival I really Love This Game So I get Addicted On It I Spended So Much Time Playing This Game Even My Mom Is Angry I Wont Stop Playing This Game. But A Disaster Happens I wis Gold I And Im Playing Solo Only 9 of us Left Means Ihave 8 more enemies Then I killed The 8 enemies Because im Using Barett With 8 times Scope So I Easyly Killed Them When I Win I Became A Platinum Rank But When I Play Again My Account Has Been Banned Permanently And thats What Happens...Please Unban Me I spend So Much Time And Money On This Game And Im A Loyal Player But This This is What I Get!? Permanent Ban Seriously!? IGN:Cyrus™ Server: Asia Pc unban Me Coz Im a Very Big Fan Of Ros
  2. NetEase Games Please Unban Me I Got Permanent Ban With Out A Reason I Was In A Computer Shop And That PC Has A Downloaded Cheat And The Cheat Has Auto I dont Even Know That Pc Have A Cheat Please Help Me Im Platinum Rank I Spend So Many Money To Pay The Rent Of The Pc Then Ill Be Banned Its Not Unfair But The thing Is I dont Know How To Cheat Im In Platinum Rank I dont Want To Be banned IGN:Cyrus™ Server :Asia Im Begging You Guys Unban Me