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  1. I stated multiple times that the other team was faster. That was never my debate. You are absolutely right. If I move the start time up 1.6 seconds from when first damage is actually done it matches what is reported on the rankings. Coincidentally that is the exact amount of time from when the boss go drops to zero and when it is looted. If I add 1.6 seconds to the other video it does not match what it shows on rankings. I don't understand why people keep trying to debate this. Also I agree the other team had a far superior strategy. Congrats to them. It's just a shame that in the future you can't trust the rules that are given.
  2. You responded by saying that you calculated time based on when the bosses hp reached zero. You also stated that the logs were checked for accuracy etc. I don't know whether it is intentional or not, but the logs that NetEase is reading clearly showed the time when the boss was LOOTED not when the bosses hp reached zero. The other team defeated the dungeon quicker in either scenario and I am not refuting that. Just showing proof that the rules of the competition were not followed.
  3. 17 hours later and no response. Netease clearly did not follow their own contest rules. Beware in the future.
  4. So just out of pure coincidence both of the runs ended up with times that were exactly when the boss was looted? Down the the millisecond. You're trying to say that there is a margin of error of 1.6 seconds in the time it takes their servers to record things in a competition that was won by one third of a second. Not sure which is worse...
  5. If you look back to my initial post you'll see that I stated I was fairly certain the results of the competition would not change. It is still very shady that they clearly did not follow their own rules and even when shown video evidence of that (from two sources) it is being denied. All I want is transparency. Also in their video they engage mobs around 1:19. They kill boss at 4:44. They loot boss at 4:46. Not sure how you came up with your numbers.
  6. So there is s 1.6 second discrepancy from what your logs say and what video evidence shows... in a competition that came down to .37 seconds Either Netease did not follow their own rules and used the time of looting as the end time or there is a 1.6 second discrepancy for whatever reason. Either way, like i said earlier, super shady
  7. Only it is not because if you watch the video you will see that the bosses hp reaches 0 around 3:24.500 minutes. The boss is looted around 3:26.100. If you look at the ranking the 3:26.100 time is the one that is shown. You guys clocked the EXACT time that the boss was looted as the final time. What am I missing?
  8. Something else that is critical for these competitions is setting the ground rules and making sure you actually follow them. Netease left it up to the people competing to figure out exactly how the times are being calculated. We now know that the times started from the moment a player in the group attacked. According to your own rules the time should have ended when the boss was defeated. Only now that the competition has ended do we find out that the time really ended when the boss was LOOTED. I'm fairly certain that even following the original rules as stated by Netease nothing would have changed, but it's super shady to not follow the rules exactly as they are written in a competition like this. PS. Please fix the server lag for any future competitions.
  9. I have been crashing and disconnecting since the IOS release on 7/13. As of 5 minutes ago when my game crashed it is still an issue.
  10. Are C Grade legendaries worth keeping and upgrading or should I keep trying to forge a higher grade.
  11. I also seem to disconnect frequently. Sometimes the game crashes, but usually it just freezes for anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes. It has happened on 4 different networks and on regular cell service. I am not always dead when I come back, but it is incredibly frustrating in team raids/heroic raids/pvp to engage a boss or another player and dc right away. In pvp it is certainly a death sentence.
  12. After logging back in to the game I did receive all Magellana Emblems in my mailbox as Arcadia said, so it is working now. Thanks
  13. Just tried a path reset after the patch, but still no emblems were refunded...