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  1. Translation. everyone speed hacks not fake news!
  2. Well to be honest a f2p got one box from the weekend bags.. and got the core... go figure.. he deconned it because he wasn’t going to spend to make the staff... such a waste on netease to add a truely cool thing that is litterally a waste to get Back to my bat wings
  3. It’s not hard... get your hit rating up. I run roar with a 138 hit rating and cant keep agro just fine in impossible lords. Trick is start in middle use the leap on the mystic (it doesn’t leap but it taunts them all) judge the mystic and reign. Ur agro build should keep the, should u have a problem just pop 2/3 judge on the mystic then quick switch toss a judge on war and archer.. but I don’t have any issues at all anymore 90cr 35-40k dps Templar.
  4. So does anyone know if it’s in game and if so how to get the staff core to upgrade the new back pendant into the twilight? I have gone through 4 full cycles of getting the 50boxes to get the backpiece (6400crystals spent per cycle) and never saw a core thing just averaged 5 parts of the 20 needed to make the staff. No where do I see anything about how to acquire the core and I’m not gunna burn another 6400 crystals on a maybe so if anyone knows anything about this core? Maybe TinyDragon? Thanks in advance
  5. Bump in same boat.. how did u not have someone with an iPhone or something to test it before hand lol
  6. Ok so legendary essence seems a big one be8ng referee to. On Thundercall that solved itself with the introduction of the new tricker spot. When everyone hit day 25 and needed 2 essence to unlock the legendary upgrade Thundercall went from 24 pages to 6 in one night .... so they addressed that problem. Think outside the box.. sure I pulled a ranger magic trans item on my paladin..... but instead whine about the other 15 at 50k I now have an item I can use to mule a couple hundred thousand over from an alt... just saying it is a business if no rl money comes in no one gets to grind dailies
  7. While I am not against this you made your point non essential... when you said “fixed price forcing people to buy game currency” ... you know this is a business right? Just because you love happy meals at mc Donald’s but only want to pay 2$ instead of the asking price of 4.99$ doesn’t mean mc Donald’s is going to lower for you. as sick and pathetic as the hamsters are that keep the servers up all bugged out as they may be, that currency exchanging is what’s keeping the lights on.
  8. No f2p ele is worth anything even if heavily carried. Are their ele out there f2p with high lords titles yep anyone can be carried with top dps. Only one class has been whipped into submition and its Warrior Tank. Anyone whining about their class and they are not a Warrior Tank or the never used third class of all the classes (minus ranger) should look in the mirror as to why they suck in such a simple game. I made a mystic to 75k and have a 82kcr paladin now and I’d rather see warrior tanks get balanced up instead of everyone balanced down myself but common sense isn’t common and rogues out in a month or 2 and no one will be anything but those lol.
  9. The newest tos litterally said they are making it a policy that anything over a month is non refundable in tandem with google and Apple. It also started for any reason anytime they can shaft your account if they feel u have broken a rule. They will be able to see who has farmed 20+ bloods from core in a week all they need to do is put a number that isn’t purchasable. So if in a 10 man 10 is available run a script looking for 11 bloods from core and every account it flags buy bye. Most those who exploited are end gamers spent a lot and they don’t purchase much often anymore where as new players seeing the whip come down on those exploiting will be more inclined to spend in a game where cheating is punished. Normal mmo ideology
  10. I sustain 30k steady with only shell for dps gear rest all tank spec. @ 80kcr
  11. If it’s the one I heard of I would think looking at aquisition of excessive core or prision etc loot in one week would make it easy. again if it’s the squad pvp to pve issue. i warned people in multiple guilds on thunder not to do it because people never read updated tos which this go gave netease power to perms ban all u exploiters on the first go which at this point u have spent 5k + so ur not likely to spend as much now that ur powerful and abusing quests. Where as legit players will be more inclined to spend seeing u all banned cheers for abusing so,etching so stupid as upgrade mats that eventually u don’t need at risk of ur acct.
  12. Sellable I too have gotten the 200 which were paladin boots and are listed on AH now
  13. It seems to be based off two things. 1) boss or monster glitching out and moving around even when everyone sees it in one spot. As a paladin I take and second it happens start mashing skill and move around when it works stay there and continue to skill. 2) speed of mashing. Pace it I used to mash mega fast now I do a count on the skills ie 1 2 3 4 auto auto 1 etc at a slower pace this too has seemed to un ...f errr fix it super annouying surprised wasn’t fixed but not surprised..
  14. Just did 50 still averaging 1.5 lvl 30 (taking into account 40s are 2 30s) the boxes are always chit think I’ll sit on them for a week or two to better odds of legendaries etc.